Letter to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Tupelo Auto Sales aided Alaska couple
My wife and I travel full time in our retirement. We haul a 39-foot fifth-wheel trailer behind our 2010 Dodge Ram 3500. Just before it hit 10,000 miles, we had a “Check Engine” indicator illuminate. We took it to a Dodge dealer in Alabama. The fault was due to an EPA-mandated oxygen sensor in the exhaust. That dealer couldn’t remove it because it had been literally fused to the pipe. They tried various things to no avail. We were leaving Alabama bound for a week in Tupelo, so they had no option but to let us go and cope with the constant error.
The great Service Department people, Rick and Sara, at Tupelo Auto Sales got us right in, removed and replaced the faulty sensor, between their scheduled jobs. Then, when the second sensor reported a discrepancy in the readings between the new and that older sensor, they replaced that one without delay. We didn’t have to reschedule our planned travel.
We have since arrived in Memphis and have been enjoying the truck without a problem since then.
If they treat strangers like they treated us, I can only imagine the satisfaction their regular customers receive when visiting that dealership. That business, as well as the campground at Barnes Crossing and local attractions, do your city proud. We look forward to stopping there in the future.
Steve Gyuricsko
Fairbanks, Alaska