Letter to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Does Ole Miss allow contined hole-digging?
After having seen Ole Miss be dominated by Vanderbilt 30-7, and disemboweled by Alabama 52-7, it is clear Ole Miss has been out-recruited, out-played, and out-coached. But this is not the normal way of things. David Cutcliffe, Billy Brewer, and Tommy Tuberville all had winning records. They accomplished this with modest talent and good coaching skills.
The Ole Miss team that faced Alabama was not well coached nor was the talent level of SEC standards. I have to ask myself if Houston Nutt can win with the same level of talent that Tuberville, Cutcliffe, and Brewer won with. My answer has to be no. At Arkansas Nutt could motivate better talent and win six to eight games a season. He is a motivator. He appeals to the emotions. He is not an innovator nor do I believe he can recruit the type of talent that is required at Oxford.
Bear Bryant had a simple formula for evaluating a coach. He said if you want to know how your coach is doing look at the scoreboard.
Forward Rebels: Nice full page ads but lacking specifics. They might wish to flesh out their complaints.
Here is how I see Boone’s mistakes. He fired a head coach who had been a winner five out of six seasons. He replaced him with a coach who was not prepared to be a head coach. He fired that mistake and hired a new head coach who has produced two of the worst teams in Ole Miss history.
Now comes the big question. Do we want the man who dug the hole to continue the digging? I don’t trust Pete Boone’s judgment. He is a smart man who loves Ole Miss, nevertheless he is in over his head and would likely continue to get it all wrong.
James H. Crabb

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