Letter to the Editor

Tupeloans implored to discard their apathy
On Tuesday evening, July 5, the Tupelo City Council tabled a controversial proposal to spend $15 million plus in taxpayer funds to entice “middle class” citizens to locate their residences in Tupelo.
One of the issues mentioned was that the council had not held enough meetings to educate the public. Additionally the Daily Journal in Tuesday’s editorial suggested that in the absence of any alternatives, the council approve the proposal. This issue will not go away.
The time has come for the citizens of Tupelo interested in its future to throw off the apathy that got us here and step up to the plate and develop an alternative plan or forever hold our peace.
I am asking each of the neighborhood association’s officers and other interested individuals to join in forming a Citizens Renewal Task Force to put forth a comprehensive plan for Tupelo “renewal.” The mayor and the City Council are bound and determined to deviate from the approved city’s long range plans. We need to follow proven success in Tupelo and, like the Major Thoroughfare Program, form a Tupelo Citizens Renewal Task Force. The first meeting will be held on July 26 in the reception hall at the Link Center.
Get off the couch, come to the meeting July 26 at the Link Center at 7 p.m., and let’s talk and listen. Not for the Gipper, but do this one for yourself. Tupelo is calling. Will you answer?
Jim Newman

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