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Blame the Democrats for high gasoline price
The next time you go to the pumps to fill up your auto be sure to stop and offer thanks to the Democratic Party and their misguided environmentalist friends for the prices that you are now seeing. Not only is oil used for fueling autos but many of the everyday items we take for granted are derived from petroleum. Higher prices at the pump are only a foretaste of what you will see when making other purchases. The necessity for oil and gas will be with us for a long time. Ignoring the need to drill and placing many unnecessary regulations on what drilling is allowed does nothing to decrease our dependence on foreign oil. Granted, some regulations are necessary but many are simply vote buying gimmicks used to placate the fringe environmental groups (in your spare time look up some of the regulations placed on land drilling by the Bureau of Land Management – BLM).
Sure, speculators are making money in the oil futures market. But remember, their speculations are based on what is happening here and worldwide. They are gambling on what tomorrow’s headlines will be. The current policies and proposed polices on energy by this administration are helping our enemies by keeping us dependent on foreign oil and draining our treasury. Many of the dollars we send overseas for oil are being used to fund those that want to kill us. For this reason alone we should be drilling, drilling, and drilling here at home. Also, the corn that is going into our gasoline needs to be used for food, not fuel. We should barter this corn for oil. We need not burn food in our autos when people are starving.
Tell your representative and senators that we need to stop the talking and start drilling. We have the oil. We just need the government to be a help and not be a hindrance to a solution for a self sufficient energy program. People who think that wind mills and batteries are the answer need to come down out of the clouds and take a realistic view of what is happening now. We are all gambling on the headlines for the tomorrows-to-come.
Terry Dufford

AFR taken to task for Fischer’s comments
Over the past year, I have been keeping track of the Christian fundamentalist dialogue broadcast by American Family Radio, the media outlet for the American Family Association, and have become disturbed by the rhetoric especially coming from the host of “Focal Point,” Bryan Fischer. The goal of this letter is to encourage AFA/AFR to cut ties with Fischer, setting a standard for decency and a refusal for tolerating the views of such a radical.
Fischer is the director of Issues Analysis for the AFA and hosts the afternoon talk show “Focal Point.” He has effectively become the mouthpiece and lightning rod for the entire organization, and routinely makes headlines for his overt disdain for Muslims, homosexuals, and Democrats (liberals, progressives, etc.), as well as his bizarre and zealous readings of scripture. Recently the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Alabama-based institution nationally known for designating and monitoring hate groups, classified the American Family Association as a hate group. The SPLC cited heavily Bryan Fischer’s daily opinions as one of the driving forces in its decision to label AFA as such.
Furthermore, Fischer has called for the extermination of all grizzly bears (based on his reading of scripture), and has stated his belief that we have not been hit by a major terrorist attack since 9/11 because baseball fans sing “God Bless America” during games.
Fischer wrote an overtly racist blog, then spoke at length about the topic on his show. He claims that the Native Americans were morally disqualified from the landmass of America, and that their near extermination was a divine judgment based on their “superstition, savagery and sexual immorality.” He then proceeded to claim that “Europeans” had rightful claim to the continent, a comment that smacks of rhetoric heard from other hate groups which advocate Christian Identity and other supremacist ideas.
The name “American Family Radio” sounds like a great organization to partner with, especially if one is not aware of what is said on a day-to-day basis.
I ask AFA to please end “Focal Point” and please stop condoning the radical views of Bryan Fischer.
Charlie Buckley

Gates’ letter praised for reflecting decency
I would like to comment on the letter submitted by Willie Bob Gates from Shannon.
How moved I am to be reminded that there are still human beings among us who have a sound value system and who recognize and appreciate a good woman.
Our culture records bad behavior in many ways and it seems that civilization is regressing into a frightening state of lawlessness. This ode to a good woman requires an equally good man to notice this and to appreciate it.
Not all is lost when we have good decent men and women in our midst who feel obligated to do what is necessary for the right reason and do it well. Thank you, Mr. Gates.
Ilona Bauer

Changing words in Bible is trivial due to culture
The news item in the March 12 issue referring to the desire of Christian churches to compose a new version of the Bible to eliminate the word “booty,” etc., seems trivial.
This is a perfectly good English word that happens to have recently picked up an additional connotation of emphasis.
Why don’t we stop trying to deny reality for the sake of idealistic religious notions?
While we are at it, let’s bring Christianity into the modern world in terms of science and practicable and reasonable culture – but never abortions.
Ralph Litterst

Vinson letter on Forrest wins a couple’s approval
We would like to thank Harry W. Vinson for his letter to the Forum concerning Nathan Bedford Forrest, which appeared in the Journal on Feb. 23. We would like for him to know that we agree with him completely.
Lamar and Meredith Dillard

Saltillo woman questions Obama’s leadership
This is in response to David Summers’ article from Feb. 20.
He responded to an article by David Robinson of Oxford. Mr. Robinson, like myself, is opposed to the Affordable Health Care Act, aka Obamacare.
Before the president was elected, he said he was going to “fundamentally transform America.” Based on his accomplishments so far, I have to wonder if the transformation was for the “good” or the “bad.”
He has said no nation should be superior over another. Does he want to cut us down to size? Then on the other hand he says America is lagging behind. So which is it? Mr. Summers supports Obamacare, a single-payer system. The majority of the American people spoke in November. They said no to Obamacare and no to all the spending. Hopefully the Republicans will put this country back on track. My hope and trust is with them, not the Democrats. I just couldn’t bring myself to trust the Dems and this administration.
Judy Dunaway

Bird protections are weak under Obama forest plan
The Obama administration recently released a new draft rule to guide management of the 193 million-acre National Forest System. The public has about 75 days left to comment on the draft. In the near future the administration will also unveil a final plan to recover the Northern Spotted Owl, which will affect how forests in the Pacific Northwest will be managed. With both plans, the administration has an opportunity to conserve wildlife and water while steering job creation towards habitat restoration and recreation.
Wildlife watching is big business. Birders travel around the nation to see the birds they love. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) estimates that bird watching contributes $36 billion to the nation’s economy each year. Birds also provide essential ecosystem services, controlling insect populations and pollinating some crops, valued at billions more.
Unfortunately, the forest management rule weakens current protections for wildlife on our national forests. Forest managers would be granted the discretion to ignore the conservation of species for which they are now responsible. This is a major step backward that American Bird Conservancy and other wildlife conservation groups are urging be corrected in the final rule.
We are very concerned that many of the lesser-known but equally imperiled species on the U.S. WatchList of birds of conservation concern will no longer be considered by forest managers.
The proposed rule allows the Forest Service to conserve a species in only one small part of its range, instead of across the entire National Forest as required now.
The draft Northern Spotted Owl Recovery Plan called for additional habitat protection for this threatened owl species. This protection needs to be retained in the final plan.
We will look to the final forest management rule and whether or not the Administration protects the remaining old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest to see if they will seize this crucial opportunity to conserve wildlife, and, in the process, leave a forest legacy that future generations of Americans will marvel at and prosper from.
Steve Holmer
Director of the Bird Conservation Alliance amp& Senior Policy Advisor
American Bird Conservancy

Bryant has political goals on remap issue
Lt. Governor Bryant is against the redistricting plan because a Democrat might get elected. Others complain of having districts combined and hurting incumbent legislators What we do not hear is that all these changes to districts are supposed to relate to the changes in population shown after the recent census. Most in Jackson are more interested in their political parties then in the people that elected them.
To force the courts to make a decision or to force an extra election on the state is certainly irresponsible. Recently we have had special elections and special election runoffs. Enough is enough. Those in Jackson should do the job they were elected to do, which is representing the best interests of the citizens of Mississippi; or the should go home and get another job.
Jerry Janci

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