Letters to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Booneville public favors no-smoking ordinance
The Daily Journal’s editorial of May 21 concerning Booneville’s inability to approve its no smoking ordinance was right on target.
I can assure the Journal readers of Northeast Mississippi that the vast majority of Booneville’s citizens definitely were embarrassed that we were unable to get our smoking ban passed as have all of our surrounding cities.
Had we been allowed to vote on this measure, it would no doubt have passed by a landslide. Unfortunately, this important issue was decided by our five-person Board of Aldermen, and that is always risky.
While some members of this board are truly interested in and dedicated to the welfare of Booneville and its people, other members seem to have their own personal agenda and do not care – or really know – what might be best for our city.
Don Williams
Tobacco bans demonstrate erosion of freedom in U.S.
How is it that liberals get to tell the rest of us how and what to do? Their support of tobacco smoking bans legislated by like-minded city councils is an example of the decline of liberty in America.
Tobacco products are an agricultural commodity supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and taxed to the nines by state and federal regulations. It is the livelihood of farm families in many states that have a suitable climate. The whining claims of death and disorders resulting from second-hand smoke is as bogus as Al Gore. Anyone of even moderate intelligence can easily determine that tobacco usage has its perils, but it is a personal adult choice.
Do you mean to say that you can tell the owner of a business, bar, grill or restaurant who owns or leases his location, pays the taxes thereon, pays his employees and all the other costs of doing business that he or his customers are prohibited from using a legal product? What pompous asses liberals are. If they don’t like the food, atmosphere, clientele or whatever of an establishment, don’t go there.
The same goes for seatbelts. It is an adult choice. Seatbelts are for babies and children, no problem. But an adult individual that cannot determine that seatbelt usage can and will have a positive effect on longevity will likely be eliminated from the gene pool.
You make your choices and take your chances. That’s life. But to levy a fine! That makes as little sense as the federal law pertaining to the removal of a mattress tag.
The mood of the country and we taxpayers is as follows: Get the government off our backs, out of our lives and leave us alone.
David Horn

Childers is a good man, but helps the wrong party
The Democratic-controlled Congress is running up our debt at a frightening pace. They are throwing billions of borrowed dollars on bailouts everywhere. They are even using our tax dollars to prop up socialist countries like Greece.
The Democrats pushed the Obama Healthcare Plan through with no Republican support. They are ready to run through “Cap and Trade” which, according to experts, will raise our power bills by at least $100 a month and gas prices to over $5 a gallon. They are pushing for “Card Check” and rewriting regulations on union “collective bargaining” rules to strengthen the unions’ power. Everywhere you look the vast network of federal agencies is expanding in size and power each day. They are even filing suit in federal court to block Arizona’s courageous attempt to get some control over illegal immigration across their southern border with Mexico.
What’s going on in Washington and where is it taking us?
We really have only one way to stop this madness, or we will have to deal with it until Obama runs for re-election in 2012. We have to take control of the House or Senate away from the Democrats in the upcoming November elections.
Neither of Mississippi’s senators, Cochran or Wicker, is a Democrat. But we do have three Democrat congressmen. Bennie Thompson represents the Delta’s 2nd District and is probably “safe.” Gene Taylor, a so-called “Blue Dog” Democrat, represents the Gulf Coast’s 4th District and is in a fight for his political life.
Our “conservative” Democrat is Travis Childers. Travis is well liked and has deep roots in this area. He is a good family man and a successful businessman. I’m sure he had done a lot for many people in Prentiss County and the surrounding area. The plain truth of the matter is, however, Travis has been caught in Obama, Pelosi and Reid’s radical plan to remake our country into a European socialist democracy, whether he agrees with them or not.
A vote to re-elect Congressman Childers is just another vote for Pelosi and another vote for Obama.
Jerry W. Chapman

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