‘Hammers and triggers’ not found on the Bible
I would like to thank all the people who were behind Constance McMillen, my granddaughter. Even the ones who couldn’t say because of the consequences.
I personally don’t believe in homosexuality. I believe according to the Bible it’s a sin, but there are a lot of other sins according to the Bible. I don’t believe we can say it’s impossible to be gay and go to heaven, but you might slide in if you judge someone, commit adultery, lie or steal.
So I don’t believe all the folks trying to drag Constance into hell in the newspaper, on the Christian TV and the church from Kansas were doing this for God. I don’t think God put hammers and triggers on the Bible. They did.
Just about everyone in Itawamba County knows that there is the upper class society circle that pretty much runs things, then the rest of the folks. The school at Fulton has always been the same. I know the upper class will deny it, but that’s what the whole thing was over with Constance. Not what she was but who she was. If she had been upper class, in my opinion, none of this would have happened. She would have gone to the prom like she wanted and nothing would have been said.
As for the tuxedo, look at your 1993 and 1994 yearbooks. Constance probably could have sued for a lot more money, but would it have hurt? A lot of innocent people. I don’t think the attorney, school board and superintendent cared who got hurt as long as Constance did.
To the preacher that said Fulton was a quiet little town 20 miles east of Tupelo until Constance came along. Go back a few years to CNN and hear what Itawamba County society circle and the things covered up. These things were here long before Constance.
I think Constance was wrong for thinking they would be, but I don’t think she was wrong for wanting all people to be treated fairly and equally.
David L. McMillen
Peaceful Valley
Childers should stop interfering in D.C.
The quest for civil rights is far from over for Americans living in the District of Columbia, the place I call home.
What does this have to do with Mississippi? Surprisingly, quite a lot.
Earlier this summer, Mississippi Congressman Travis Childers introduced a bill that would wipe away D.C.’s gun laws. While many people have different opinions about guns, I believe most Americans agree that local communities ought to retain the local power to decide local issues. Congressman Childers would never allow the federal government to single out Mississippi and dictate what the local laws ought to be. Childers should show Washingtonians the same level of respect.
Even more importantly, by introducing and pushing a D.C. gun bill, Congressman Childers has helped stall the D.C. House Voting Rights Act (DC VRA). The DC VRA would have provided voting representation in Congress for the first time for the nearly 600,000 Americans who live in our nation’s capital.
D.C. voting rights are forever linked to the issue of civil rights – they represent yet another step forward in the long struggle that started in Mississippi. D.C. residents pay more federal income taxes per capita than any other state. Like other Americans, we serve on federal juries and defend our democracy during times of war. And yet, we do not have a single vote in the Congress of the United States. To make matters worse, we also do not have full control over our local affairs.
Too often, members of Congress from other states seek to bolster their image by attacking the District of Columbia. This abuse must end.
The District of Columbia is not just the seat of government. It is a vibrant community, home to nurses, teachers, firefighters, police officers and other Americans who were born and raised here. We do not like being used as political pawns by Congressman Childers and others like him who try to curry favor at home by trampling on our rights in D.C.
We are Americans. We want the federal government to treat us equally. Rep. Childers should focus on his congressional district and the people who elected him.
Julian Bond
Chairman Emeritus of the NAACP
Reed asked to explain Hall’s essential place
I have never written to your newspaper before, but this is in regard to Robert Hall’s appeal.
First about Mayor Reed: Tell me how he considers Tupelo a safer place with Hall there? First and foremost he let a drunk driver go after he had hit a child on a bicycle. How would the mayor feel if that had been his child? Let this child go to the hearings and tell of his pain he suffered.
The mayor says the city has no money, then how does it have money to appeal this Robert Hall deal? Give the guys who are underpaid and on the street every day to protect the city a raise. Hall does not deserve the praise or pay he is getting.
May God bless all of you, especially the officers on the street, who risk their lives every day.
Pansy Adair
Look at both political sides to set the course
Let’s look at both sides. What has become of America today? Who are we today? We have the progressive liberals in control. Their goal is to divide the population into the appointed czars and then the rest of us.
They want to take religion out of the picture. They will say a person who has belief in God is delusional and a threat to society.
Now let’s look at the political right and what they stand for. Freedom of religion. Freedom of speech. Less taxation. Less government control over individual rights. States’ rights (I think). Most of the time the political right will not stand up and fight for these causes. Only a few will. Courage is a virtue that the political right is very short on. They are afraid it may offend someone and will affect reelection. They like pork barrel spending as well as the progressive liberals. They do not have the courage to curtail runaway entitlement spending. They do not want to stop illegal immigration. They had years to do so and failed. They like to nitpick the freedoms they like and don’t like. Take eminent domain for one. Take hard earned property from a citizen and give it to a profit-making company.
Here is a conservative father, grandfather and great-grandfather wondering who are we today. If a family member is a burden on the family, dump them on the government. If a person does not want to work, the government will take care of them. If a parent does not feed their children or discipline, let the government school system do it. In the past the family took care of their own. At times the neighbors and churches helped out.
A question: Are we are going to continue to elect career politicians of the past? Before you vote ask yourself is this the America I want to look forward to? Is this the future I want for my children and grandchildren?
C.G. Boutwell
Free-spending politicians putting tax on grandkids
Well, surprise, surprise!
Rep. Travis Childers just doesn’t get it. Not a day goes by without another announcement of a federal grant for this or a grant for that. Here a grant, there a grant, everywhere you look, a grant. Tell me, where does this grant money come from? The good ole U.S. of A. is broke and on the dole from China with trillions in borrowed money. The deficit is projected in the trillions for every year in the future. Looks like we’re between Barack and a hard place! Our children and grandchildren and their children will be taxed to the max to repay these grants.
Whatever happened to bond issues and other traditional forms of financing for necessary public projects? I have not recovered from the shock of the $36,000 grant for a vegetable warmer at the Verona School. Oh, I beg your pardon, that grant came from “stimulus funds.” Well, veggies are “stimulating” they say! It would appear that in addition to grant granting, the entitlement recipients suckling at the government teat have about sucked us dry.
As a country boy, I recall that the hogs didn’t squeal much until the slop played out. I also recall that when now-Sen. Wicker was first elected to Congress, the Journal opined that although the Journal didn’t agree, philosophically, with then Rep. Wicker, the Journal would support him as long as he brought the goods, meaning federal dollars, to Northeast Mississippi. Well, we don’t have any more slop or dollars. If Rep. Childers was a conservative Republican, we might reason with him, but since he voted for Rep. Nancy Pelosi as speaker, I fear that reason is unlikely. Speaker Pelosi did let Childers off the hook on the Obamacare boondoggle, but that was only because she didn’t need his vote and he needed to polish his image in Northeast Mississippi.
Mr. Childers doesn’t pass the political smell test. His record stinks. I say vote ’em, i.e., incumbents, out!
David C. Horn

NEMS Daily Journal

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