Letters to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Prop 26 holds dangers for the lives of mothers
Errol Castens took most of a column on Oct. 14 to say very little and was totally wrong on most of it.
Initiative 26 is not a direct challenge to Roe vs. Wade nor will it overturn it even if held constitutional by the supreme court, it is defining personhood and a completely different legal issue. It will ban all abortions including those to save the mother. It would cost Mississippians hundreds of millions of dollars. I see the Yes-on-26 folks getting free press right and left, isn’t it the responsibility of the newspaper that claims to be “dedicated to the service of God and mankind” to put both sides of the issue out to the citizens of Mississippi.
If Errol Castens truly believes “that in cases where the mother’s life is threatened, it’s better to save one life than end both” why is he asking people to vote yes on an amendment that would disallow doctors to save the life of the mother?
There is absolutely no “legal medical procedure” that allows doctors to end a persons life and if this passes a fertilized egg is a person.
Chuck Meyers

Why have so many bought into private-sector sanctity?
During this another campaign season, many candidates have attempted to persuade voters to cast their vote for them because they are self-proclaimed conservatives and Christians. While neither are particularly harmful, the word “conservative” has become, among other things, a sort of coded word for a type of unexplained limited government.
I feel “unexplained” is a accurrate description. Most Christians believe in the coming of a pure and somehow perfect kingdom. Yet, too may seem to have given up on government altogether whenever their candidates do not win. While most agree that government could and should produce better and more satisfying outcomes, why should we expect anything better than we have now by privativzing services?
For an example, why so many have bought into the notion that for-profit businesses and insurances can provide a better product when health care is so unaffordable to our middle class is a mystery.
We had better wake up.
Bill Bowlin
Hickory Flat

Collins record demands critique of district voters
In reading Martin Rodgers’ letter from Sept. 24, I felt the title “Collins turned her back on public education” hit the nail on the head. When elected in 2011, I was optimistic that Sen. Nancy Adams Collins would be an open supporter of public education because of her campaign statements. What she said in “practice” sounded promising. However, my optimism was quickly doused by the reality of her actual voting record when it was “game time.” I tell my kids, “Actions speak louder than words,” and when Collins had opportunities to act in favor of Mississippi’s future, she voted party lines instead. The Parents Campaign gave her a 0 percent rating (http:// www.ms parentscampaign.org), and she was the only senator from Northeast Mississippi who voted against increased MAEP funding in March of 2011. This should be a wake-up call for educators across Senate District 6.
As concerned citizens, educators, and parents, we need to make sure we vote for Legislators who are true advocates of a quality public education for every child not just on the campaign trail, but also when it comes time to vote in Jackson. I urge all educators and voters concerned about public education and the rights of the common Mississippian to support Stacy Scott. There is too much at stake to continue doing business as usual.
Christopher Stevens

Republicans posture rather than respond
Almost a month ago, President Obama laid out his plan to create jobs and invest in our infrastructure. The bottom line: more people working and better roads, bridges, and schools.
As the President asked last week in his speech at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, since when are Republicans against building roads? And I’d add, since when are they against creating jobs?
Sadly, I think the answer has do with when political posturing became more important than actually getting things done. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and the House Republicans have made their priorities clear.
Let’s keep the pressure on them to not let the same thing happen this time around.
Linda Parker Young

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