Letters to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Bill Minor seen as a ‘home-grown socialist’
How long is The Jounal going to continue to contribute to Bill Minor’s irrelevance by carrying his column?
This home-grown socialist has never met a tax that he didn’t like and has a long history of attacking constitutional government any time he can.
Now that the government can no longer afford to give away money to the half of the population that is living on transfer payments, he feels that taxes should be raised on the half that are paying taxes in an attempt to continue this insanity.
His political philosophy is more in line with the old Soviet Union than it is to a Constitutional Republic such as ours. Any economist worth his salt knows that in order to have less of something, just tax it. If we keep increasing taxes on the productive members of our society, soon we won’t have any. Who will the government steal from in order to “redistribute the wealth” then? Please spare us the irrelvant ravings of this Marxist and replace his column with something worth reading – a column supporting free-market principles and liberty would be a good start.
Mike Byrd

Associated Press had biased story
Regarding the article in the Aug. 7 paper on the “news” page about the prayer meeting in Texas written by Thomas Beaumont and April Castro, I would think it should have been on an editorial page rather than posted as “news.” I thought news stories were supposed to report facts – not blatant falsehoods and prejudicial statements.
Statements like Gov. Perry “held court” or was after “an important constituency should he seek the GOP presidential nomination.” And that’s just in the first paragraph!
To state that attendance was in doubt because of low registrations and that about 30,000 gathered, when the Texas Rangers said the crowd was 44,000 is not counting very well.
To state that Gov. Perry said the event was aimed at rallying the nation to a Christian unity in difficult times, but it really gave him an important platform to test the waters around Christian conservatives is not exactly unbiased news reporting.
To state that the American Family Association “believes that the First Amendment freedom of religion applies only to Christians” is bordering on libel.
Christians have as much right to be involved in government as any other American. We are Americans too. We go to work, pay taxes, serve in the military and pray for America’s leaders even though some of those very leaders are trying to destroy our country – yet we continue to pray for them. Somebody certainly needs to.
Carol Davis

Electoral politics requires servants
For Lee County to continue progressing, its citizens deserve less name-calling and scathing comments and more focus on the issues that matter.
The first thing that matters is how our elected officials deal with people while possessing the responsibility to serve. We all want a productive local economy and that requires you to run more than your mouth trying to manage and manipulate people. Inventories and businesses can be managed but people must be led.
If you cannot deal with people in a respectful manner before being elected then you will not be successful as a leader serving our community.
Our politicians pose as a servant to each of us. The act of serving requires individuals who can deal with people from all walks of life in a respectful manner.
Someone who is trying to win an election by referring to the negative aspects of an opponent rather than emphasizing one’s own positive attributes speaks volumes. When we cast our votes in the upcoming elections we need to be mindful that we don’t all possess the same opinions or like the same people and never will. However, it is important that we have positive leadership in Lee County and not the negative, small minded, mud-slinging candidates whose main focus of concern is solely to oppose the election of someone else.
I find it sad that the only taste of satisfaction and success some people get is by taking a bite out of others!

Angie Hutchins

Election Day yell irritated a voter
On Aug. 2, Election Day, I got up at 6 a.m. and got ready for work and to stop off and vote for my choice of candidates.
When I entered the polling place, I went in and went to place my name on the roster and to receive a ballot. Some rude person yelled out to me, “Democrat or Republican?” I am not a person who likes to be yelled at. If you don’t like me, just keep your mouth shut. Nevertheless the poll workers who have a problem need to have more training in helping people to vote. To this person who yelled, you really need help. I hope others don’t have to go through too much of this stuff.
Lamar Smith
Hebron Precinct

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