Letters to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Former mayor Neelly asks for promises to be kept
Tupelo’s Major Thoroughfare Program is our city’s most important public works program since our founding. The projects that have been completed or that are nearing completion are so numerous that it is difficult to list them all.
Tupelo citizens have overwhelmingly voted four times to voluntarily tax themselves 10 mills for a term of five years to pay for these improvements.. There is not one cent of debt for the scores of millions of dollars in improvements to our major thoroughfares.
A promise was made over 20 years ago to appoint a committee of citizens too run this program,. There was a promise that no politicians or group of politicians would spend even a cent of this program’s money.
I am concerned that our mayor and some members of the City Council are forgetting this promise. Too suggest that some portion of future funding of the MTP should be spent for purposes other than originally intended would be a breach of trust.
Once I asked my Father why he gave so much thought to making a promise. His answer, was, “Son, I don’t make many promises, but I keep them all.” My Dad gave good advice.
There are many challenges and needs for our city. We cannot possibly pay for everything that everyone wants.. We must decide what we can afford and what we cannot afford.
I ask our mayor and City Council to honor the promises made. Please do not kill and eat our goose that lays the golden eggs.
Ed Neelly
Former Mayor of Tupelo

Mike Tagert backed for commission post
I am writing this letter to make everyone aware of the most qualified candidate for the run off election. On Tuesday, please vote for Mike Tagert, Transportation Commissioner of the Northern District.
Mike has the qualifications we are looking for in our next Transportation Commissioner. He has experience helping communities use transportation to promote economic development. He is currently the president of the Tenn-Tom Development Council where he oversees special transportation needs, creating jobs for Mississippi and attracting investors. He has carried the leadership skills he developed in the Marines to the job force. Mike is a graduate of Millsaps College and Mississippi State University. Mike’s background and experience make him the best candidate for the job. The vision he has for Mississippi and its transportation needs will bring more jobs and investors to North Mississippi. Mike will use his experience and hard work to use transportation to further economic growth in the Northern District.
This election is very important and will have a huge impact on the future of North Mississippi. It is essential that everyone gets out to vote on Tuesday. Please don’t miss this great opportunity to make an impact by electing Mike Tagert.
Kathleen Hilbun

Job losses require governmanet’s action
Isn’ it about time for Washington to start doing something about keeping jobs in this country.
Thomas L. Sweat, Jr.

Salvation Army’s CO lauds community support
In regard to the support provided during this Christmas season, The Salvation Army is more appreciative than you could ever imagine. Even though our great country is experiencing economic difficulties, the community at large showed no hesitation in their charity. From volunteered time to goods and financial support, we here at “The Army” were reminded what a wonderful city we serve.
Our Angel Tree program was as successful as ever this year. With 8,653 toys distributed to among close to 1,500 children, the response to the call was wonderful. Because many of our long-time supporters were financially unable to contribute as in times past, our volunteer force grew a bit stronger as well. With well over 500 hours invested at the Angel Tree itself in the mall alone, our Women’s Auxiliary did their share and then some. Distribution was no different. The help was tremendous! With about 1,500 volunteer hours, the actual dispensing of gifts was a very smooth operation. Civic groups and individuals alike logged over 1,000 hours at the kettle this year ringing bells.
I say all this not to boast about the accomplishments of an organization, but the accomplishments of the people who support it. It is because so many of you have chosen The Salvation Army as your avenue of exhibiting the spirit of service that we have been able to touch the lives of so many. Thank you and may God bless you all for your contributions as well as your prayers. We stand because of the amazing support we get from our community.
Sue Dorman
Commanding Officer
The Salvation Army

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