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Immigration bill headline misleading
The headline you used for page 1 of the Jan. 28 issue of the Daily Journal is very misleading. The House did not approve “anti-immigration legislation.” The House approved an anti-ILLEGAL immigration legislation. I don’t believe that any of the legislators and their constituents are against anyone that wants to immigrate to Mississippi as long as it is done legally.
It is the half truths and misleading statements used by the press and newscasters that stirs up the resentment to the efforts of strengthening our border security. Currently, any of us that are stopped for any law violation must provide evidence of our residence. If we get stopped for a traffic violation we have to provide a driver’s license (which has picture, age, and address), proof of insurance, and have a visible safety sticker. If we travel out of the country, we must have a passport. Why shouldn’t an illegal immigrant have to provide the same information especially if the authenticity of the information that is provided is suspect?
Terry Dufford

Amory man’s letter viewed as pointless
Richard Wilkinson’s Jan. 30 letter blaming the Tucson shootings on unnamed suspects was pointless. That is, the shooter was insane and mad. I can’t believe Mr. Wilkinson found any politics in madness.
In an improper way, he used as an example the “9-year-old girl who died” as a point about “how our political system works.” Beyond bad form, the shooter was a madman. Second, the shooter was insane.
Tim Holland

‘Debt meters’ suggested for those in Washington
To help understand the magnitude of our $14 trillion debt and the effect of this year’s $1.5 trillion deficit on that debt, imagine the following: Our debt is represented by a room of millionaires, i.e., each person in the team represents a million dollars of debt. How many people are in the room? The answer is 14 million (some room, huh?). Now, the effect of our current year’s deficit is that 4,109 additional people enter the room every day.
We’ve all seem the “debt meter” on T.V. You know, that electronic sign the tracks the ever-increasing debt with a long line of numbers, the digits moving faster and faster as you look to the right. How about installing debt meters in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Oh, yes … and the Oval Office.
Don Holcomb

Backers of illegals bill fail to prove point
One problem with the Arizona-type bill passed recently by the Mississippi Senate (SB-2197) is that it unfairly targets Hispanics and it will lead to racial profiling. Columnist Marty Russell says: “If the law was applied equally to everyone, that is if everyone who is stopped for a violation must prove citizenship, then it would make more sense. But then you would get complaints from white, blacks, Asians, etc., about police harassment.”
Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant claims, but fails to prove, that undocumented workers cost Mississippi millions of dollars. If this Bill 2197 becomes law, it will cost our state more money. Public Safety Commissioner Steve Simpson estimates that this law could cost the state $1.2 million for enforcement responsibilities. Others predict that if breadwinners are separated from their families, our state will have to support many more children with services.
It is a fact that the undocumented pay far more in taxes then they receive from the government in services. A study by the National Academy of Sciences found that immigrants added some $10 billion to the U.S. economy. They pay Social Security like everyone else, but cannot draw any benefits. Many do not file a tax return form, although a high majority could deserve a refund.
Michaela Morris in a column in the Daily Journal reminds us that, aside from native Americans, we are all immigrants, and that “there’s a decent chance that someone in your family tree had to bend the rules to get into the country.”
Michaela also reminds us of something that I know from 20 years of ministering to Hispanics in this area. “They work hard to take care of their families … they pay taxes,” and “those who are undocumented live under constant threat of separation, especially from their children, many of whom are American citizens.”
President Obama in his State of the Union address on Jan. 25 stated that we need a national comprehensive immigration policy. For the reasons stated above and others, I say to our state legislators: “Please let the federal government tend to immigration enforcement, which is their task, not that of our state.” I pray that our government will quickly create a path way to citizenship for law-abiding undocumented immigrants.
Rev. Dr. Gerald Peterson

Sheriff’s escort, Honor Guard unit praised
On Wednesday, Feb. 2, SGT Joshua Sheffield was laid to rest. Sheffield was only 29 when he passed on Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011. He was stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. He enlisted in the U.S. Army on Jan. 14, 2004. He served overseas in Iraq on an 18-month tour.
The friends of the Sheffield family thank and appreciated the Honor Guard from Jackson. They were sharp and carried out the military part of the funeral in an outstanding manner.
Further, a grateful thank you to the Lee County Sheriff”s Department for providing escort and traffic control for the funeral. Since the funeral was around lunchtime and without this fine service by our Sheriff Department the procession from St. James Catholic Church to the cemetery would have been chaotic.
Donald R. Fox
CSM E-9, U.S. Army (Retired)

Let’s stop trying to blame others
It is time America quit the “blame game” and “victimization” of every issue that comes into our lives. To say that “poisoned rhetoric” by talking heads in television and radio caused the horrible deaths in Tucson completely ignores that there is no evidence to support those claims. If blame needs to be assigned to this tragedy then you might start with the shooter; or perhaps his parents; or his parents’ parents. We could certainly blame the violence in video games and the movies. We could blame his religious beliefs, or the educational system. And if Hillary Clinton is correct that it takes a “village” to raise a child, then we could blame the community at large. We could certainly blame the books he read instead of the talking heads of radio and tv to whom his friends said he did not listen.
The truth is that evil exists in our world. The source of this evil can be debated based on your belief system but its existence is established daily in many ways. What the Tucson shooter did was evil. Using that evil to win political points is inexcusable. Not understanding that evil is dangerous for all of us.
Charles Knight

Anonymous generosity enhanced a birthday’s joy
Tuesday, Jan. 4, my birthday, my wife carried me out for dinner at a local seafood restaurant in the Tupelo area.
As the hostess was seating us, my wife remarked, this is my husband’s birthday. At this time an African American gentleman, who had finished his meal and was on his way to the lobby overheard the conversation.
He asked my age and I in turn asked his age. He came over to our table and placed a large bill on the table with no comment.
I thanked him for the gift and then proceeded to the lobby. I asked the hostess to get his name and address, where I could send him a thank you note. He preferred to stay anonymous. I would like to take this opportunity to thank this kind gentleman for his thoughtfulness.
Truett Clayton
New Albany

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