No life-at-conception proposal on ’15 Miss. ballot

other_state_newsJACKSON (AP) – Mississippians will not vote on a new ballot initiative that would declare life begins at conception.

A spokeswoman for the secretary of state’s office says the initiative’s sponsors missed a Wednesday deadline to submit petitions to get the proposal on the November 2015 ballot. Because of that, the initiative died.

The proposal would have been nearly identical to a ballot initiative that 58 percent of Mississippi voters rejected in November 2011.

Personhood USA and other abortion opponents started a new petition drive in spring 2013, and they had a year to gather signatures from at least 107,216 Mississippi registered voters.

Felicia Brown-Williams, spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood Southeast, says the new initiative, like the old one, “would have allowed the government to interfere in personal and complex health care decisions.”

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  • billshero

    I suggest you change the headline to “‘Life at conception'” proposal will not be on the ’15 ballot.
    I saw your headline and had to do a double take. It would be interesting to see a bill in the Legislature that stipulated that life didn’t begin at conception.
    Journalism! I love it!

    • the_rocket

      If you’re looking for journalism, you are not in the right place.


    Fascinating how some people believe such things should be put up to popular vote; as if popularity is the best measure of our value system

  • 1941641

    Once again I can smell the AFA “Dark Side” of Tupelo in this new effort to control womens’ bodies in Mississippi. Along with them, I can smell Gov. “Fundie” Phil Bryant! No wonder christianity in America is on the wane, and Jesus continues to Weep!

    • the_rocket

      Wow, what a coincidence! I smell Don and Phil too! And The Rocket does not like what they are cooking.

    • TWBDB

      I wonder this too. Why is modern organized, especially Baptist, Christianity so politically exclusionary ?