Living Life Good

n Life fitness tip of the week
Special to the Chickasaw Journal
HOUSTON – Set a positive example for your family by exhibiting the habits you want them to develop. Make smart nutrition choices with everything you eat and drink. Brush your teeth after each meal, and take time to unwind and enjoy life. Suggest active family outings such as bike rides, Frisbee in the park, or after-dinner walks. By seeing the wise choices you make, your family will be inspired and it will build a healthier relationship to follow in your healthy footsteps.
Many times you exercise to lose weight, and the weight still does not seem to come off. Why? Exercise is only part of the battle; the majority of it is what you eat and drink. Exercising and not eating healthy will only get you so far. You have to exercise and eat and drink healthy to achieve the results you want. You do not have to completely cut out your favorite dessert or fried foods–they just have to be eaten in moderation.
Tip provided by AJ amp& Michelle Johnson. E-mail or call questions to (662) 448-5757

Lisa Voyles

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