Local energy suppliers help with conservation

n TVA, power associations offer conservation tips and consultations.
By Mack Spencer
The Tennessee Valley Authority and area electric power associations are in the business of generating and selling power.
Some people might be surprised that they also help consumers conserve energy and save money. That’s just what what they do, though.
The most direct benefit to consumers comes from the Energy Right program, which guides homeowners or home builders and contractors in properly insulating homes, and in choosing appliances and heating and cooling units with high energy efficiency ratings.
Homes can also be assessed under a home energy rating system; those with ratings high enough can qualify for energy discounts or rebates from their power providers.
TVA has diversified its power generation methods and now generates power not just from coal-fired plants nuclear plants and hydroelectric dams, but also wind turbines and solar cells.
Power from TVA’s greener sources is available through its affiliated power associations in blocks of amp”green poweramp” that are more expensive than traditional sources; but the higher cost supports the development of more green power sources that will help to bring the costs of those power sources down in the future.

Mack Spencer

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