LOCAL FOLKS: Saltillo resident pursues housing passion

By Adam Ganucheau/NEMS Daily Journal

SALTILLO – Anyone who knows Jeff Schulz knows at least one thing about him – he’s passionate about what he does.
Schulz, a 41-year-old native of Saltillo, is a residential developer and a licensed home contractor, something he had wanted to do since high school.
“God has put it in my heart to really care about building homes for people,” Schulz said. “I love the building process from start to finish – from when the home is just an idea to closing.”
Schulz has been in the home construction business since he was 21, when he bought run-down homes in Tupelo to remodel and sell them – all while working a separate full-time job.
Today, Schulz has his own company, Signature Homes LLC. His wife of 16 years Brandy is the manager of the company.
“Building homes is just something that he loves doing for people,” Brandy Schulz said of her husband. “He is very passionate about it.”
In addition to building custom and pre-sold homes for individuals, Schulz’s company is working on two subdivision projects: the Stonehenge subdivision in Mooreville and the Cherry Creek subdivision just outside of Ecru. Stonehenge was one of the top-selling subdivisions in Northeast Mississippi last year.
“We finished Phase 1 of Stonehenge in two years even in a bad economy, building 26 homes,” he said. “We are about to get the permit to start work on Phase 2 now. We expect to build 33 homes in Phase 2.”
The housing and real estate market struggled in the past decade, but Schulz believes the market is on an upswing.
“Not only are people starting to build and buy more homes, they are actually more educated and focused on exactly what they want,” he said. “Buyers are more aware and are seeking better quality homes – something that we make sure to give them.”
In addition to building homes in a struggling economy, Schulz’s company also provides jobs. Schulz says that at any given time, he can have up to 50 people working to build one home. There are often parked cars lining the streets of the subdivision the company is working on.
Of all the things Schulz takes pride in, integrity is at the top of his list, giving people quality homes for the price they can afford.
“All of our homes are inspected by a licensed FHA inspector,” he said. “Also, once we set the price of the home from before we even start building it, we never discuss money again with the buyer. We never go over the price we say we will. With us, it’s all about the buyer.”

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