Local Hostess Bakery sees plenty of customers as closure news spreads

By NEMS Daily Journal

The Hostess Bakery and Thrift Store on Cliff Gookin Boulevard in Tupelo saw a steady stream of customers on Friday as news spread of the company’s closure spread. Shelves inside the store were getting bare.
WTVA reported 18 workers, including delivery drivers soon would lose their jobs.
Store management declined to provide additional details, but customers were told the thrift store would open this morning.
Clay Knight of Todd’s Big Star on West Main Street said Hostess products weren’t flying off the shelves yet, but he expected them to.
Wonder Bread Classic loaves were on sale for two for $3. A nearby Hostess snacks shelf had only two Twinkies packages and a handful of Hostess Cupcakes and powdered donuts. Fruit pies and Ding Dongs were nowhere to be found.
“I’m not sure what will happen next,” Knight said. “We’ll sell what we have and that could be it.”
Wonder Bread also was repackaged as Best Choice bread, but Knight said other bakers like Colonial would pick up the slack. But the famous Hostess snack cakes are likely gone forever unless another company decides to make them, Knight said.

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