Balducci alert – He’s gone full circle!

Bless my soul, I just accidentally kind of checked the Bureau of Prison’s web site just now – checking on Timothy Balducci, as I have become compulsive about.

They say he’s back in Estill, S.C. Wow, he was just in Atlanta yesterday it seems.

Anyway, as many of you folks recall, the former New Albany attorney started his 24-month prison sentence in Estill for his guilty plea in the attempted bribery of Circuit Judge Henry Lackey of Calhoun City.

Then, he spent quite a spell in the Monroe County jail as the feds tried to figure out if they actually were going to trial against then-Judge Bobby DeLaughter.

Just a few weeks ago, he was moved to Oklahoma City, then Atlanta. Now, he’s back in S.C.

He’s due for release in December.

Can anything else happen with this? Don’t know, but my compulsion will force me to check every now and then.

It is what it is… patsy

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