Barbour no lame duck

JACKSON — Gov. Haley Barbour, nearing the end of his second legislative session of his second term, is quickly reaching the point where he could be considered a lame duck.


Don’t count on it.

Consider as proof his politically brave veto of legislation to provide a $2,000 tax break to furniture manufacturers for each cut and sew employee.

On final passage, not one of the 174 House and Senate members voted against the bill.

Yet, it appears the Senate leaders will not even go through the ordeal of trying to override Barbour’s veto of the proposal, knowing they cannot garner the two-thirds majority to succeed.

Well into his sixth legislative session, the Republican governor still has not been overridden. The House has garnered the votes to do so once, but the Senate has a zero rate of success in overriding the governor.

Lame duck?

Not yet.

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