Bigbee Fork to vote in Monroe House district

JACKSON — District 20 under the new House redistricting plan includes most of northern Monroe County, a tiny fraction of southern Lee County and the tiniest southwest corner of Itawamba County.

Under the plan developed by the House Republican majority, there are 142 people in part of the Bigbee Fork precinct of Itawamba that will be placed in District 20 that is represented by Chris Brown, R-Aberdeen.

Nobody can say for sure why those people, who are currently in District 21, represented by Donnie Bell, R-Fulton, are being moved.

Redrawing 122 House districts to match population shifts in order to keep all districts close to equal in population is like putting together a big jigsaw puzzle.

And then, federal mandates must be followed, such as ensuring African American voter strength is not diluted while trying to not split geographic lines, such as those of cities and counties.

All in all, it is a difficult process than can make for some unusual districts.

Still, despite all those above-mentioned redistricting obstacles, the Bigbee Fork move is hard to understand.

By the way, 2,445 people in Nettleton and Petersburg precincts in Lee County will move into the primarily Monroe County-based District 20.

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