Corinth split again, but this time no complaints

JACKSON — In 2011 when Democrats controlled the Mississippi House and attempted redistricting, their effort created a firestorm of protest in Corinth.

The Corinth Board of Aldermen passed a resolution urging the Republican-controlled state Senate to reject the House redistricting plan because it divided the city into two House districts. Corinth had traditionally been solely in District 2, which for years was represented by Democrat Harvey Moss, who is now retired.

The plan the House Democrats proposed in 2011 and that was roundly criticized by the Corinth Board would have divided Corinth between Moss’s District 2 and District 1, which is represented by Lester “Bubba” Carpenter, R-Burnsville.

That redistricting effort eventually stalled because of partisan bickering over such issues as the division of Corinth.

This session, the House, under Republican control, also passed a redistricting plan that split Corinth between districts 1 and 2.

But this time around, there was nary a pique from Corinth government.

Redistricting is a political exercise where both sides try to gain an advantage. The issues in Corinth highlight that in a major way.

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