Detox Day 5 – SHE’S ALIVE!!!

Dear readers: You may have wondered what happened to my Detox Days 3-4.

I gotta say Saturday was very rough and I may have lost as much as 15 pounds of fluids.

Sunday, HOSPITALIZATION!!! I had lost so much fluid that it took four tries to find blood pressure. Not good.

Can I say: Don’t do this at home?

They’re keeping me another night (Monday) and I hope to go home Tuesday.

The med guy just came in and said he had my Nexium – of all Godforsaken things!!

I politely declined it and want to speak with the docs tonight or tomorrow about other options.

They did an endoscopy on me this morning and seem to think the polyps they found in my stomach, which at this stage look benign (hope so), are the kind that grow in the stomachs of people who’ve been taking Nexium etc. over years.

And they wonder why I politely declined the pill tonight.

Hope to be back at work by Wednesday. So, now that I’ve got “wings” (this laptop), I’ll keep you posted – anybody who’s got the “stomach” for this.

Stay tuned… patsy

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