Detox Day 6 – Makin’ it

Whew, I hope I’m going home from the hospital today. Folks have been nice but I probably could have spent a week in Paris at this rate. And this ain’t Paris.

Bless her, some poor nurse/woman came in about 7:30 a.m. and said she had my Nexium. I guess I need to make a sign for the door with hideous descriptions of my weekend travail. Sorry, I was too weak to take pictures.

Anyway, I’m more “present” today and plan a focussed conversation with my gastro doctor.

Chiefly, I want to know:

1. What really happened? That probably was blood in my toss-up (sorry this is getting so graphic).

2. If it was, why?

3. What is a much less Nuclear option in case I want some anti-acid relief, which we all need from time to time?

Frankly, I am not experiencing stomach-acid discomfort. I don’t think I have an ulcer or I would be climbing the walls.

What I DO have it an irritated esophagus, which is understandable, considering the vast quantity of stomach acid that slammed it for days before they got me under control.

Now, I’d just like to let that situation heal and get on with gaining strength – I have work to do at some point.

I hope this Nexium thing doesn’t become some kind of crusade, but frankly, it’s one of America’s most “popular” medications, and we all seem to be taking it like candy – not thinking it could have side effects.

So, thanks for keeping up with me. This is one home science experiment that didn’t go the way anybody thought it would.

Hope I’m home later today.

… patsy

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