Flaggs says he can’t support current charter plan

JACKSON– The plan to get charter schools passed by amending a bill in the Senate to include the charter school language and then the House concurring will not have the support of Rep. George Flaggs, D-Vicksburg.

Flaggs has been viewed as a likely vote for charter schools. And with the vote expected to be close in the House, his vote could be crucial. But he said his is against circumventing the process, which he said would be done by amending a bill in the Senate and asking the House to concur.

He said the charter school concept needs to be fully debated in a conference committee.

The only problem is that if the bill that the Senate is considering amending goes to conference it is probably dead in the House because it would not withstand a point of order. If the vote is to concur and to send the bill to the governor, it would not be subject to a point of order

True, legislative rules can be confusing.

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