Hardy trial jury goes home for the night

Hello to the person who commented that this blog is a joke. Keep laughin’, friend.

The problems and issues I described in an earlier post today are not fiction. They came straight from testimony in the Hardy v. Tupelo trial in federal court. I’m not smart enough to make this stuff up.

Jury question: There are eight jurors in this case. Federal civil cases are a little more flexible with how many jurors will be seated, but all these folks count – no alternates. The decision must be unanimous. Thanks for inquiring.

By the way, they’re getting $40 a day to serve and 55 cents per mile reimbursement. One guy travels about 200 miles roundtrip. He can go for steaks this weekend.

* * * *

The jury in the Hardy lawsuit didn’t get to start deliberations until 5:49 p.m. No wonder they sent a note to Judge Sharion Aycock about 6:45, saying they wanted to go home.

They and the rest of us will be back in Aberdeen at 9 a.m. They will have work to do. I will just be sitting around with the attorneys, waiting for their decision.

* * *

Another interesting note from the Mississippi Supreme Court today: Golden Triangle Circuit Judge Jim Kitchens was reversed 9-0 in a criminal case.

Apparently, no one has been so completely slammed by the Supremes since 1995.

Congratulations, Judge Kitchens.

Readers should not confuse him with Supreme Court Justice Jim Kitchens, a longtime Southwest Miss. D.A. and defense attorney in Jackson for many years before he completely slammed then-Supreme’s Chief Justice Jim Smith of Rankin County.

* * * *

Not sure if we’ll be able to do any posting Friday until after we get a verdict.

But come back and check on me.

Good night … Patsy

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