Hewes, Reeves: No bad behavior in their pasts

TUPELO – One tiny piece of 2011 campaign trivia that won’t make the headlines this week: Both Republican candidates for lieutenant governor say “no” to the question about whether they’ve ever done anything that could embarrass Mississippi.

The questions came from me Wednesday during a Daily Journal editorial board meeting with GOPers Billy Hewes of Gulfport and Tate Reeves of Rankin County.

In the wake of political scandals like Anthony Wiener, The Governator, John Edwards, David Vitter, etc. etc., I thought it necessary to ask each candidate we see here the following question, which came last in our interviews:

“Is there anything in your background, personal or professional, that if disclosed would embarrass you, your family or the state of Mississippi?”

Each said “No,” with emphasis.

Hewes’ wife, Paula, was sitting beside him and sounded off strongly that her husband of nearly 26 years has behaved himself.

Reeves looked a little red-faced, but perhaps that’s his natural red-head complexion, as I began to ask it. Nonetheless, he answered directly, in the negative.

And so, I’ll await anyone else who comes before us. Prepare to be asked.

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