Inauguration, State of State work out — for some

JACKSON — Pardon me, but Phil Bryant’s inauguration and State of the State worked out nicely for me.

Because of rain earlier this month, the gubernatorial inauguration was moved from the south steps of the state Capitol to a jam-packed House chamber.

In that crowded chamber, the media members sat in their traditional location below the speaker’s podium facing the House members. With it being so crowded, the Mississippi Mass Choir lined up where it could — all around us in the media to perform. It was awesome.

It was like I was in the middle of the choir, though, I knew better than to sing for the sake of everyone. But being in the midst of such a talented choir was a unique considering how much I love music, but how musically untalented I am.

Then last week, the governor held the State of the State outside on the massive platforms built for the inaugural.

It was a very mild night for January.

In other words, I got to witness the Mississippi Mass Choir up close for the inauguration — almost like I was one of them — and stay comfortable for an outdoor State of the State.

The only person more pleased with the inauguration and State of the State was probably Phil Bryant.

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