Meeting of the skulls – Wiseman & Carville

Yes, that’s Starkville Mayor Parker Wiseman and political guru James Carville ….

Don’t get me wrong – this job rarely is boring.

But there are times when it’s more amusing or interesting than others.

Take Tuesday night – I had the “job” of covering U.S. Politics’ “odd couple,” James Carville and Mary Matalin at Mississippi State’s Leadership Summit.

Most DJ readers wonder how these two people can stand to be in the same room with each other: Folks, they’ve got a great thing going – Dem versus Repub – kind of like Godzilla versus Mothra or Alien versus Predator.

Off stage, these are very charming, smart people. I greatly enjoyed speaking with them and watching them interact with the MSU Faithful who enjoyed them, too.

Most amusing moment of the night, though, was the brilliant dinnertable seating, which brought Wiseman, a serious Democrat, to sit next to Carville. I failed to overhear any of their non-stop conversation, but it looked plenty lively.

I’m hoping Parker will give up some of the secrets sooner than later.

Regardless, it was a highly amusing sight – which they both reveled in – for both guys in feigned mirror image of shaven heads, like long-lost relatives.

I’m hoping this photo posts, because it’s exactly what the moment was like – funny and happy.

MSU, thanks again for a great experience.

Read more about the Carville-Matalin evening in Sunday’s DJ.

… patsy

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