New Albany: Blow-up over Toyota lawsuit

Something akin to a nuclear explosion reportedly occurred Thursday morning in Union County when the powers-that-be woke up to our Daily Journal report that local attorney Bobby Carter had helped Alabama lawyers file a class-action lawsuit against Toyota related to the massive sudden-acceleration recall.

The crux of the issue: Toyota’s newest North American manufacturing plant is in Union County.

Rumors are swirling today that Carter is on the hot-seat with the his employer, New Albany Board of Aldermen, because the lawsuit, while his law partner Thad Mueller came close to the hot-seat with with employer Union County Board of Supervisors.

But Mueller may have survived the furor by agreeing to leave the firm of Sumners, Carter & Mueller, local talk says.

Today, Mueller said he had not been dismissed by the supervisors.

Although Carter did not answer my e-mail or phone call, New Albany Mayor Tim Kent said the five-member Board of Aldermen will discuss Carter’s fate in executive session Monday night.

Kent said Carter has offered to withdraw as an attorney on the lawsuit, “But I don’t know,” the mayor said. “I’d hate to see it end like this.”

Carter’s been the city’s attorney for 15 years.

• Check back with on Monday night to see what happens.

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