Preferred candidate Bounds answers questions

JACKSON — State Superintendent Hank Bounds, “the preferred candidate” of the state College Board to be the next commissioner of higher education completed the process Wednesday morning of meeting with and answering questions from interested groups.
For instance, Bounds met with university presidents, staff of the Institutions of Higher Learning offices, university students and other people, such as Eric Clark, executive director of the state Community and Junior College College Board.
The Board of Trustees of state Institutions of Higher Learning will meet over lunch to decide whether to select Bounds for the post. Based on the comments at Wednesday’s public hearings, Bounds is a popular selection and most likely the meeting of the College Board this afternoon will be a formality.
A news conference is scheduled for 1:30 p.m.
Bounds addressed head-on Wednesday morning the fact his professional experience is in the kindergarten-12th grade arena and not on the university level. He said he would learn the governance of the system, but would bring to the post relationships in government and business that would be beneficial. Plus, he said he is willing to learn and listen.

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