Rumor of my departure is greatly exaggerated

JACKSON — After Gov. Haley Barbour gave his opening remarks and before taking questions at a Wednesday news conference, he looked at me and said, “congratulations, Bobby.”

“For what,” I asked. The governor said he understood I had accepted a new job.

“Not true,” I told him.

He apologized, and did so again after the news conference where he explained he had heard the information from three sources. It was obvious to me the governor was only repeating what he believed to be true and had no intent of making my life difficult.

After all, the rumor that I had accepted the post of state House information officer spread like wildfire through the ornate halls of the Capitol.

It is true that Mac Gordon, the long-time House information officer and a good friend, is retiring — in October.

The rumor that I had accepted the post as public relations officer for the entire 122-member House was spread by people with no concept of simple journalistic precepts of fact-checking.

I have no intention of going anywhere. Essentially, I have worked for the Daily Journal my entire adult life. Through the years people have approached me about possible job changes. I tell them I like what I do and work for and with a great group of people.

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