Where in the world is Timothy Balducci??

Periodically, as I work through a mental check-list of stuff I need to keep up with, I go to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons web site to check on the Scruggs I boys – Dickie, Steve Patterson, Sidney Backstrom and Timothy Balducci.

Steve and Sid are snugly tucked away in Montgomery, Ala., and Forrest City, Ark., respectively, as they generally have been throughout their sentences in the case surrounding the attempted bribery of Circuit Judge Henry Lackey of Calhoun City. Each spent a sojourn in Oxford, but that didn’t last long.

As for Dickie, once perhaps the most famous plaintiffs’ attorney in America, he is listed as an inmate in the Atlanta U.S. Prison. He started out in Ashland, Ky., then got moved to Kansas City or some such, then was in Oxford for a good while as prosecutors worked on their case against then-Hinds Judge Bobby DeLaughter.

Don’t know how long the Atlanta stay will be, but maybe it’s better than Ashland from what I hear about Ashland.

Al Capone could tell us a few things about the Atlanta prison, which is where he was first sent to serve his term for income tax evasion. But he worked the system so well there for special privileges, Al that is, that they wound up sending him to Alcatraz.

As for Balducci, who was sentenced to Estill, S.C., they brought him back to the NeMiss neighborhood like Scruggs, Patterson and Joey Langston – to prepare for the DeLaughter trial, which we know did not occur because DeL pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice.

Anyway, you can imagine that the feds knew better than to put Balducci and the others together, since Balducci was the guy who flipped on them all within about 5 seconds of the feds telling him they had him by the yang, you know, back in the fall of 2007.

So, Balducci was put in storage somewhere else. The U.S. Bureau of Prisons site says he’s “in transit.”

But, as I thought all along, he’s cooling his heels in the Monroe County Jail, near his family, which had to move out of New Albany after the scandal ruined their lives there.

“Yep, he’s still here,” the jail administrator told me this afternoon, noting Balducci will remain there, a guest of the U.S. Government, “until they tell me otherwise.”

Meanwhile, we’re all watching the U.S. District Court to see when those anticipated motions for “downward departure” (leniency or early release) surface from their sealed state.

You gotta figure Balducci’s expecting one for his outstanding performance. He gave the case to the feds.

You gotta figure Scruggs is expecting one for his solo serenade per DeLaughter and perhaps P.L. Blake.

You gotta figure Joey Langston’s expecting one for admitting guilt to a bribery conspiracy that no one had even breathed over, Scruggs II, just a few weeks after Scruggs et al were indicted. I’ve been assured that Langston’s cooperation hit the All Star level.

What Patterson may have contributed is speculation, but we’ll see if he’s among the chosen if all this unfolds soon.

• • •

For those of you worrying your little heads over the condition of Sir R. Allen Stanford, he’s back in the Conroe, Texas, jail after a cardio cath in the local hospital.

Seems they found out he’s got a leg aneurysm, but they say they can fix that with elective surgery. I think he’s got plenty of time before his trial on 21 counts involving conspiracies and frauds associated with claims he engineered a $7 billion Ponzi scheme upon 20,000 Stanford International Bank CD holders.

As you recall, Stanford started having heart palpitations or something last Thursday, when I was in Houston, as he stared in the face of a return to the courtroom where he knew he’d get some face-time in with his former Baylor roommate, James M. Davis of Baldwyn.

A Houston reporter told me they were anxiously awaiting results from Stanford’s heart test – to confirm there wasn’t anything but a black hole there. Ugh! Cruel, court-hospital joke.

More soon… patsy

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