Local textile artist wins Best of Show

Linda Lindale of Amory, a textile and jewelry artist, recently won Best of Show from among 51 artists competing at the Jerry Brown Arts Festival in Hamilton, Alabama. This was the first time a textile artist had ever won in the juried art competition since its inception seven years ago.
Lindale’s business card tells a lot about her; Funky Ladies Studio. A definition of funky has been given as “offbeat, unusual, and trend-setting.” Those are all words that describe Lindale. She likes funky things and not only does she create them, she wears them.
Lindale has been an artist all her life. She has painted most of the time, and has also taught some art classes. She has been crocheting for years. Most of the items she made were either for herself or she gave them away as gifts.
“My stuff is not for everybody,” Lindale said. “I developed my own style and it is funky.”
“This is a God thing. I give all the glory and praise to God. He has opened the doors for me. Even in a bad economy, I have been selling a lot.”
She is always on the lookout for yarn that looks different. She bought two different colors of yarn for the kimono that won Best of Show while in Gainesville, Florida. She started working on it after she got home, put it down and got it back out on Thursday night and finished it before she had to carry her items to the arts festival.
“This is the piece that drew the jurors to my booth,” said Lindale.
Some of the items she makes are scarves, collars, hats, shawls, kimonos, and shrugs. She does a lot of hand tying in the pieces she makes.
She entered her first juried art show at the Cooper-Young Art Festival in Memphis in September 2008. She had worked all summer on shawls and jewelry and did well at the festival
She is also a fibre metal artist, who says her jewelry is a work in progress.
“It’s not as good as my textile work,” she said. I started metal work to challenge myself.”
Lindale has been making jewelry for about six months. She usually works on jewelry in her studio in the afternoons because it is loud.
“I’m probably the only woman who goes to Lowe’s and gets excited about a new hammer,” she said.
She is currently making cuffs, pendants, chokers, and earrings with copper.
“I love jewelry,” Lindale said. “I am really a jewelry fanatic. I like to layer the jewelry on. I like big. The bigger the better.”
She makes what she likes and is always looking for unusual and different things for make.
Lindale works with raw, uncut stones and enjoys working with turquoise.
Whether in her textile art or fibre metal art, she doesn’t use a pattern. Each piece is individual and different. She said she gets her ideas out of her head. She will get a vision of something and then create it.
When attending an arts festival and competition, Lindale wears a top hat and tuxedo tails.
She has been selling on ebay for two years. She has customers in France, Canada, San Francisco, Hollywood, Austin and San Antonio, Texas, and New Orleans. Many are repeat customers.
Lindale has started a prayer shawl ministry at her church, Common Ground Christian Church in Wren. She is teaching younger girls how to crochet.
“My ultimate goal is to teach teenage girls how to pray, get closer to God, and how to minister to others,” Lindale said.

Chris Wilson

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