Logging operations damaging roads

By The Associated Press

MERIDIAN — Lauderdale County Supervisor Wayman Newell says it’s time to set some rules to protect county roads from damage by log trucks.

The Meridian Star reports that Newell brought the issue up during a board work session this past week.

County engineer Terrell Temple, during inspections on county roads for the State Aid program, has said he found some roads damaged in the northeast part of the county that he believes was caused by log trucks.

“I am not an expert but firmly believe a truck is overloaded when you see logs four or five feet above the top of the truck cab,” Temple wrote in a letter to the board of supervisors and the State Aid program.

Temple recommended that supervisors look into ways to address the problem.

Board attorney Rick Barry said he does not believe the county has an ordinance on log trucks but would look into it.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation monitors and regulates logging traffic and other heavy trucks on state highways, but not on county roads.

“These are tax dollars that we’re talking about. I know that the loggers pay taxes, too. We just need to do what’s best,” Newell said.

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