Loribel stands lonely with Davises gone

By Patsy R. Brumfield | NEMS Daily Journal

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TIPPAH COUNTY – Not so deep into Tippah County, you’d swear the house on the hill is a wedding cake, its triple layers so icing white.
Once the dream home of James and Lori Davis, it’s Loribel – named for the lady of the house before their lives and those of tens-of-thousands of others came crashing down in 2009 in the Stanford financial scandal.
This cold winter day, Loribel stands silent, cold and empty from the view of a casual observer. It’s been that way nearly three years when the Davises left in disgrace.
As the new year dawns, the Davises reportedly continue to work on her family’s farm in southwestern Michigan, known for its fruits and wines.
It’s a long way from Baldwyn, where he grew up, and even farther from Houston, Texas, where he promised in August 2009 to be the government’s key witness against his college roommate and former boss, Sir Robert Allen Stanford.
That day, James Milton Davis pleaded guilty to his part in the scandal that cost investors $7.2 billion.
That day, he promised to forfeit $1 billion and virtually everything he derived from his bad acts as Stanford Financial Group’s chief financial officer, the company’s second in command.
Loribel’s sweeping lawn is a rabbit-run of tall weeds, swaying deeply in a strong northeast wind.
Its sparkling lake, where FBI divers once looked for gold bullion and coins, is home to a few ducks and the wind’s frothing waves.
No longer is it home for the Davises, but Loribel seems waiting for someone to return.

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