Luke Woodham seek release from prison

By The Associated Press

JACKSON — The man convicted of killing three and wounding seven in a 1997 rampage in Pearl is asking for clemency.

In a legal ad running this month in the weekly Rankin County News, Luke Woodham says he will ask Gov. Haley Barbour to let him out of prison.

The ad says “I, Luke Woodham, am filing for executive clemency. I am sorry for my crimes and I am asking for a chance to live the new life that God has given me.” It began running in the newspaper on July 6.

Barbour’s office says the governor hasn’t received Woodham’s request.

Fourteen years ago, Woodham, who was 16 at the time and is now 30, stabbed and bludgeoned his mother to death. He then went to Pearl High School and opened fire with a hunting rifle on his fellow students and teachers.

When his rampage ended, two students were dead and seven others wounded.

Woodham was tried in Hattiesburg and sentenced to life plus 140 years.

District Attorney Michael Guest, who assisted in the prosecution of Woodham, said Wednesday that Woodham has no chance of being released.

Woodham has served 13 years in prison.

“For now for Mr. Woodham to think that he has done enough time, that he should be eligible to be released is ridiculous. I don’t feel there’s any chance in this world his petition will be granted,” Guest said. “I want the public to feel safe. While he’s asked for that, the odds of him getting that are zero.”

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