M. SCOTT MORRIS: Good, great battle for the noggin

By M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

The Mighty Daily Journal wants me to become a better person. I know. Good luck with that, right?
Seriously, the company’s pushing us to get a bunch of training hours. A pair of professional trainers, John Lindsey and Deborah Tierce, are tasked with knocking us out of our comfort zones.
I’m all for it.
It’s long been a hobby of mine to noodle with my noggin to discover new ways to improve performance, mental or otherwise.
At one time, I wanted to transform my brain into a fuel-efficient bullet train of genius, then I read “One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way” by Robert Maurer.
He says the best way to make big changes is to take a series of small steps. You’re more likely to fight a new jogging program if you plan to go from zero to running five miles a day for the next seven days.
It’d be better to start by walking one mile for seven days. If that’s too much, walk half a mile or a quarter mile, whatever it takes to drop the remote control and hop off the couch.
Several years ago, the Mighty Daily Journal focused on the popular business book, “Good to Great,” by Jim Collins. It’s based on the idea that the good is the enemy of the great.
“Good to Great” didn’t work for me because great messes me up. I wouldn’t know where to start doing great work.
Maybe after six months of toiling on one 15-inch column, I’d get within spitting distance of greatness.
More likely, I’d need to invest hard-earned money in a therapist to nudge my mind back into line.
Good’s doable. If I do a good job this time, maybe I can do better next time.
I get the sense Lindsey and Tierce understand and appreciate the small-step approach.
During one session, we were asked to write down our roles in life: Father, Husband, Friend, Beloved Writer and a few others.
Then we were asked to imagine our funerals. What would the people in our lives say about us?
The Friend part was easiest. I naturally thought of Jay Bell, my good friend from “Bradenton-Fun-in-the-Sun-Baby-Florida.”
If Bell were at my funeral, he’d say, “Morris, I can’t believe I outlived you.”
It’s doubtful Tierce had that in mind when she gave the assignment, but it was a small step toward becoming a better person, because I don’t think Jay Bell should outlive me.
With his liver?
Are you kidding me?
I wanted to throw the remote control across the room, jump off the couch and sprint five miles a day for the next seven days.
Of course, we know that’s the quickest way to slip back onto the couch with remote control in hand.
Seriously, small steps, a good walk rather than a great run, and if we all could be good people, wouldn’t that be great?
I know.
Good luck with that.
M. Scott Morris is a Daily Journal feature writer. Contact him at (662) 678-1589 or scott.morris@journalinc.com.

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