M. SCOTT MORRIS: OK, Oct. 30 can stand in for Halloween

By M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

Happy almost Halloween, everybody. I hope you have your candy ready.
It seems like yesterday when I was wishing you a happy July 3, and now it’s time to celebrate Oct. 30.
I guess I’m not an Oct. 31 purist because my kids will be roaming the streets and collecting candy. The other ghosts, ghouls and Lady Gagas will find our lights on and our candy bowl full.
Both of my kids are going as vampires this year. For the past two weeks, my son’s been repeating the phrase, “Good evening. I vant to suck your blood.”
Coming from a 5-year-old, that’s cute, especially the way he lifts his arms up to “cover” most of his face with an imaginary cape.
But Olivia, our 8-year-old, captured the ultimate Halloween cuteness prize several years ago, and I doubt she’ll ever relinquish the title.
It was her third Halloween. We’d gone out before, but this was the first time she understood what was happening.
She was reluctant to say “Trick or treat!” at first, but I patiently explained how we must follow the accepted Halloween rules and rituals.
At some point, a switch clicked in her head, and she became an enthusiastic candy-grabber, racing ahead to get to the next house, the next piece of sugary goodness.
Olivia was dressed as a bee that night. Her mom called her a honey bee, but I preferred to think of her as a killer bee.
The cuteness happened at one of our last stops of the night.
She rang the doorbell, said “Trick or treat!” and said, “Thank You,” after the transfer of candy.
“You’re really good at this Halloween stuff,” I told Olivia.
“I agree,” said the lady at the house. “She’s doing very well.”
As Olivia followed the walkway back to the street to get to another house, she smiled and said, “I a bee. I scary.”
I can still hear that line in memory, just as she delivered it in her high-pitched, 3-year-old’s voice. Maybe it was a had-to-be-there moment, but I don’t think anything will ever topple “I a bee. I scary” as the queen mother of all Halloween cuteness.
Olivia was there, of course, but she doesn’t actually remember the moment. She knows about it because I’ve told her the story.
After my son did his admirable “Good evening. I vant to suck your blood” at the dinner table, Olivia asked, “Daddy, do you remember that time I said, ‘I a bee. I scary?'”
“I’m going to carry that memory to the grave,” I said, which sounded like a Halloween-y thing to say.
Tomorrow will be the actual anniversary of that night, but tonight can stand in as a spiritual anniversary.
By the way, if a couple of vampires show up at your door, give then Mounds, Almond Joys and Mr. Goodbars. Those are some of my favorites, and the kids can’t stand them.
I love Halloween. It just keeps giving and giving, even if it is Oct. 30.
M. Scott Morris is a Daily Journal entertainment writer. Contact him at (662) 678-1589 or scott.morris@djournal.com.

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