M. SCOTT MORRIS: 'Why can't that feeling go on…?'

By M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

It’s that time of year, when everyone has a certain someone on their minds. Of course, I’m referring to Jolly Ol’ Elvis. His birthday anniversary won’t be until Jan. 8, but his spirit shines bright at Christmastime.
Just the other day, the family got a Christmas card with “Elvis” written above the return address. The card was from the Lail clan of Tupelo, but the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll had a part in the holiday cheer.
We have an Elvis ornament hanging on our tree. By the way his legs are spread out, he looks as if he spent 12 hours riding tall in the saddle. The pained look on his face backs that up.
The ornament requires special placement around plenty of pretty lights. The glittery Elvis-ness of it practically screams Christmas.
Or maybe “sings Christmas” would be a better phrase. Elvis’ “If Every Day Was Like Christmas” is in heavy rotation at our house.
We hit “random” on the player and get a musical mix that includes traditional, jazz, modern rock, country and new age Christmas tunes. The “Peanuts” soundtrack is a close second, but Elvis rules as the jolliest of them all.
As my dad likes to say, “That boy could sing.”
Elvis makes you feel the colorful emotions in “Blue Christmas” and “White Christmas,” and the Good News spreads on the wings of a dove when he sings “O Little Town of Bethlehem” and “The First Noel.”
He also gets naughty for “Merry Christmas, Baby.” You can tell what’s on his mind by the blues beat and that smirk in his voice when he sings, “You sure did treat me nice.”
To explain further would push the boundaries of the Mighty Daily Journal’s status as a family newspaper. I’ll just repeat: Naughty.
Of all the holiday wonders that Elvis provides, the best is his yuletide example. As Tupelo’s favorite son takes a Christmas standard and claims it as his own, the rest of us make the holiday merry and bright in our unique ways.
Sure, a bad apple or two went nuts with pepper spray during Black Friday shopping, but most come to their senses as the holiday slowly sinks into their souls.
Let’s applaud parishioners who sacrifice their own sanity to keep kids in line for church Christmas pageants. Don’t forget those who bake tasty treats that will expand waistlines until 12:01 a.m. on Jan. 1.
God bless the ones who travel over the river, through the woods and past airport security to be with family. Cheers for people who toss money into buckets for total strangers, and thanks to the co-workers who give away homemade pickles. (Or is that just the Mighty Daily Journal’s Errol Castens?)
It would be silly to say Elvis is responsible for all of the season’s joy, but the guy’s got one heck of a point: “Oh, why can’t every day be like Christmas/Why can’t that feeling go on endlessly/For if every day could be just like Christmas/What a wonderful world this would be.”
M. Scott Morris is a Daily Journal feature writer. Contact him at (662) 678-1589 or scott.morris@journalinc.com.

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