Making memories

Making memories
The other day I decided I needed to start walking or jogging, whichever came first. (Ha.)
So, I invited my kids to join me. While Derrick wanted to be a couch potato, the girls decided they would join me, and Heather’s boyfriend Jacob came with us. We started off at the track by the school in Calhoun City but it was really crowded so we decided to go to Big Creek.
When we got there, I noticed they had swings. Not knowing that anyone was at the park, I yelled, “Race you to the swings!” and took off running with Nikki hot on my trails.
When we got to the swings three men looked up and kind of grinned – I guess surprised to see a grown woman running to the swings, and after I was finished blushing from being embarrassed, we had fun.
Heather and Jacob finally decided they would join in and have fun, too.
As we were swinging, Nikki would say, amp”Momma remember when … ?amp” She would tell her story, and when she finished, Heather would remember one of her favorite times and tell her story. Then we decided the merry-go-round was a must, so we all rode the merry-go-round. We laughed so hard and had a really good time, yes – at Big Creek Park.
And for a split moment I was sad because it seemed like yesterday we were at the park and they were really young. Time does fly by when you’re having fun! Not only were we hanging out and being silly, we were also “making memories.”
As adults we need to try to get away from the work, bills, and everyday stress for a few minutes and just be a kid. The job will be there, the bills will be there, the house that needs to be cleaned will be there, but your kids will be grown and gone before you realize it. All that will be left are the memories that you’ve made with them.
I love hanging out with my kids. We’ll watch TV together, go shopping, paint each other’s toenails, and, yes, play at the park together. It’s not much fun to take even your little ones to the park and watch them play – join in with them.
I’m not getting any younger (though we won’t reveal my age) but I’m trying to make it count with my kids, so when they’re grown with families of their own, they can look back and have a lifetime of memories to embrace.
Teens really have a tough time with peer pressure and trying to figure out where they fit in. Take time with them, listen to how their day went. You’ll be surprised that they might enjoy your company.
So the next time you are in Big Creek and pass by the park you might just see me swinging with my teens – no, I haven’t lost it, I’m just hanging out and “making memories.”
What memories are you making with your kids? Take time to play- you’ll see it’s fun!
Be blessed.
Margie Hood periodically submits inspirational columns to The Monitor-Herald.

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