Mall apologizes for asking Big Latch On group to disperse

By Michaela Gibson Morris/Daily Journal

TUPELO – The Mall at Barnes Crossing has apologized for a Saturday incident where a group of breast feeding moms was asked to disperse.

“Obviously, yesterday we made a mistake,” said Jeff Snyder in an apology issued on Facebook Sunday. “All of our employees will be briefed on how to handle this type situation in the future.”

Around 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, a group of seven breast feeding mothers gathered at the Tupelo mall to participate in the annual Big Latch On event where across the country moms simultaneously breast feed, said Toni Hill, Lee County La

Leche League leader and organizer for the event.

After the moms and babies participated in the minute-long Latch On event, a security guard asked the group to disperse, saying the group was holding an unauthorized meeting.

“It shouldn’t have happened,” said Hill, who feels it was the breast feeding not the meeting that prompted the security guard’s action. “ The mall management has been really open about it. They know it’s not right. It goes a long way.”

After the group posted to Facebook about the incident, mall marketing director Cindy Childs posted an apology on Saturday afternoon, followed by an Snyder’s Sunday apology.

“It’s just unfortunate, and we made a mistake,” said Childs, noting the mall has a long history of supporting nursing mothers and previous Big Latch On events.

As a courtesy, the Mall asks groups to let the mall know when they are gathering for events, Childs said. It isn’t required, but allows the mall to brief its staff and anticipate any needs.

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  • Tired of it all

    Seems to me that the breastfeeding women assembled there with the intent of provoking a reaction, and they got one. Maybe they should apologize for the provocation.

    Nobody’s against breastfeeding mothers, and as far as I know there haven’t been any incidents of discrimination against breastfeeding moms at the mall, so why try to start something? Attention-seeking much?

    • the_rocket

      “Nobody’s against breastfeeding mothers, and as far as I know there
      haven’t been any incidents of discrimination against breastfeeding moms
      at the mall,”

      Did you not read the story, particularly the part
      about the security guard making them disband because they were breast

  • JD

    There are more PRIVATE places at the mall that this can be performed … Why all the fuss of doing it in public view?!?

    Tupelo is gonna fine kids for wearing their pants too low and then APOLOGIZE to mom’s with their breasts out in public?!?!? Seems contradictory.

    • BadTeethAlan

      A mother should not have to feel shamed or go into hiding if she has chosen to breast feed. If you have that much of an issue with seeing this or having your kids exposed to it, think about this:

      Why is it for most people that we don’t bat an eye when shown violence, pain, suffering, torture, and dismemberment on our news, tv, movies and ads all day long, but the sight of a mother providing nourishment and love to her child is reprehensible. And actually think about this please before you just label me a hippie liberal.

      • unknown

        Yeah, god forbid they might see a boob as they take their kids to Gamestop to get a R rated Xbox game.

    • Shannon Quiroz

      DUDE!!!!!! HOW THE HECK CAN U EEEEEEVEN COMPARE a Tern Dragging hi pants with Boxers hang out to A MOTHER GIVING NOURISHMENT TO HER CHILD????????? FOREHEAD SMACK………….DUMB A**

  • Katrina Stokes

    For those of you jokers criticizing women for breastfeeding in public, Mississippi state law protects their right to do so. Ignorance is no excuse.

  • Katrina Stokes