Man may be pulling over Lee County motorists

By JB Clark/NEMS Daily Journal

LEE COUNTY- The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident involving a man who does not appear to be a law enforcement officer pulling someone over.
Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson said he has a good idea who the suspect is and is waiting on an affidavit to be signed so he can pursue the suspect.
The suspect is described as a white male in a late-model Chevy Impala with a single blue or red dash-mounted light.
Johnson said the man presented some sort of badge and scolded an individual for poor driving.
The suspect is someone Johnson doesn’t believe to be dangerous.
Johnson said they have only received one report and anyone who has a similar experience should call the sheriff’s office.
“If someone is behind you with blue lights, make sure to get to a well-lit area and pull over,” he said. “There would be nothing wrong with calling 911 while being pulled over to make sure you are really being pulled over.”

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