MBI looks into Guntown shooting


By JB Clark

Daily Journal

GUNTOWN – The Mississippi Bureau of Investigations is looking into the death of Diane Herndon Reeves, 45, of Guntown.

She was found dead around 3 p.m. Thursday by Guntown police.

Lee County Coroner Carlyn Green said Reeves died from a single gunshot wound.

“There were indications of a self-inflicted wound, but there were also some questions,” Green said of the scene.

Since there were questions surrounding the death, it was turned over to MBI. Green also said she has seen a lot of Facebook chatter about the gunshot wound being directly in Reeves’ back, which she said is untrue.

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  • Andrea

    I guess the fact that at 9:30 P.M. she commented on facebook that she had just been shot carries no weight?

    • Annie

      very curious don’t you think?

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  • Annie

    I think C. Green chatters about lee county official business on her Facebook so why does she care about what others chatter?

  • Bull Harrington

    Well I will tell you this it was not 9:30 when she left that comment on my Wife’s wall. It was actually 9:37pm and it said I be Ben Shot. Just like that!! My wife and a lot of Diane’s Family and Friends would like to know the whole Truth.
    She told us that her PITS were acting up and that she had to calm them down and would call my wife right back. My wife waited for a few mins and didn’t hear Frm her so she decided to jump into the Shower. When she got out of the shower she had 2 miss calls at 9:27 and 9:33 pm. So we don’t know what happened from the time frame of 8:56 pm to 9:27 pm.

  • Kellie Davidson Byars

    Will her friends ever here the truth??