McDaniel will challenge election result

Chris McDaniel's campaign says it believes it's found 4,900 examples of improper voting in the June 24 runoff. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis, File)


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WASHINGTON – The Republican who lost a primary runoff election to Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran said Friday he plans to challenge the results.

Chris McDaniel said his campaign found at least 5,000 irregularities in voting and that he will mount a legal challenge “any day now.”

In an interview with CNN, McDaniel said what matters is that fraud be uncovered where it exists and that many Mississippi residents “are very angry” because they think their votes in the June 24 primary were nullified by fraud. Cochran received about 6,800 more votes than McDaniel.

Most of what McDaniel is describing as irregularities involved people who apparently voted in both the June 3 Democratic primary and the Republican runoff.

Mississippi does not register voters by party, but state law bans a person from voting in one party’s primary and another party’s runoff in the same cycle.

McDaniel said he’s pressing the challenge because, “it’s our responsibility … if the corruption is out there, to end it once and for all.” He did say that if the courts side against him, he would accept the outcome. But he would not say whether he would ultimately endorse Cochran for Senate in the general election.

Asked if he had any regrets about the divisive primary campaign and aftermath, McDaniel said he regretted the last two and a half weeks of the campaign when “they called me a racist, they race-baited.” He said Cochran’s campaign engaged in “scare” tactics by saying that if McDaniel were to become the next senator, “welfare would be cut off.”

An election challenge will be filed with the state Republican Party executive committee, as required by law. If the committee rejects a request for a new election, McDaniel could file an appeal with a state circuit court in a county where the campaign believes it has found voting irregularities, said state Sen. Michael Watson, an attorney who is working with the McDaniel campaign.

Also this week, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann said his office is correctly handling its part in the election and he should be dismissed from a federal lawsuit filed by people seeking access to poll books from the June 24 Republican primary runoff for Senate.

Thirteen Mississippi residents and a Texas group, True the Vote, filed suit Tuesday over access to poll books from the Republican primary runoff.

Plaintiffs say they want to look for people marked as voting in the June 3 Democratic primary and the June 24 Republican runoff. State law prohibits such crossover voting, and McDaniel’s campaign said a challenge would be based on allegations that such voting occurred.

The lawsuit seeks to force Hosemann and the state GOP to release poll books without redacting voters’ birthdates. However, Hosemann and the state GOP say they don’t possess the poll books. Primaries are conducted by local political parties, and poll books are kept at county courthouses.

Mississippi Republican Party chairman Joe Nosef said this week that the party has done nothing wrong and should be dismissed from the lawsuit.

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  • Peter6095

    I am confused by this entire process.
    First, Mr. McDaniel’s supporters appear to be the ones “auditing” the election results. Isn’t there an independent and impartial process by which a primary election can be checked? For or against Mr. McDaniel, I cannot help but believe that his supporters are less than objective.
    The other thing that bothers me is that a Texas group is part of the lawsuit to gain access to the poll books. This is an internal Mississippi issue, what right does an out of state group have to challenge these results?
    I am quite sure that I don’t want my voting records being seen by non-elected nor authorized individuals.

    • Mary Turner

      True the Vote is headquartered in Texas, but have members from all states. In fact, when I read the list of voters who actually filed the suit, I found that all are MS voters and it names the county in which they vote.
      Also, the ones who go into the poll books this coming week are all trained as poll book checkers.

      • 1941641

        “trained poll book checkers” headquartered in Texas”

        I’m convinced that it will be very interesting to read the results of this investigation. I can hardly wait. Bring it on!!! Teapoopers!!

        • Thile

          Actually, this group has a history of “challenging” (read: harassing) voters who they deem suspicious at the polls. They formed after the 2008 general election because they felt too many brown people voted.

          And, if they are truly “local” why were they begging for “donations” via social media sites on runoff day a couple of weeks ago? Odd behavior from an allegedly local group. But maybe they just like hustling the rubes like their tea party brethren.

          • 1941641

            Thanks for the info.
            The more I learn about these Tea Pots the more I’m inclined to believe they have no place in American Politics. However, they were recruited by the Republican Party so there is where the problem originated. Palin, Cruz, and on and on! God’s Only People. A pious fraud!


    Makes one wonder how McDaniel’s crew has evidence of more than 5000 voting irregularities if they haven’t seen the poll books. It also makes one wonder where those photographs came from that were floating around the internet showing the “Voted” in he Jun 3rd Dem Primary then in the run-off. Appears the real irregularities occurred in Ms Cochran’s private room, after hours in the Hinds County Courthouse, and, God rest his soul, with the death of that poor attorney. I’d be investigating that later issue to the hilt.

    • 1941641

      The Mc Daniel camp is suing Cochran for the Tea Party attorney’s death. –Other News Sources.

  • 1941641

    I always said the Repubs would rue the day they courted the Tea Pots. Now, that day is upon them!

    If you want to read some real-time coverage of the campaign issues, go to the New York Times website and forget the Tupelo Daily Journal where Cal Thomas, or Tim Wildmon are often times the menu-of-the-day for Journal readers.

    Links to important news that’s ongoing in the USA will be deleted if you offer them up here in the comments section. Sad!

  • guest

    It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!

  • guest

    CALGON……….take me away!