McGlowan enters race for 1st District

By Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – U.S. House candidate Angela McGlowan has a warning for incumbents in this year’s race: Something stinks in Washington and she’s fed up.
“You go, girl!” came a shout from one of several dozen supporters Wednesday when she officially launched her campaign in Tupelo to win the June 1 Republican primary.
The former FoxNews analyst from Oxford, who is making announcements across the district this week, said she’s a conservative – pro-life, pro-gun and pro-small business.
She’s running to win the primary against state Sen. Alan Nunnelee of Tupelo and former Eupora Mayor Henry Ross, but she also took aim at incumbent Democrat Travis Childers of Booneville at her City Hall event.
“We’re fed up with elected officials in Jackson and in Congress who raise our taxes,” she said in a fast-clipped pep rally style address. “We’re fed up but we’re not giving up.”
Many of her supporters are participants in the fed-up Tea Party movement, which she later said recruited and pushed her into candidacy.
Grant Sowell of Tupelo, a Tea Party leader who passed out McGlowan campaign posters before the event, later was quick to say he will support whoever wins the GOP primary.
“As an individual citizen, I would like to see a conservative first win the race,” Sowell said. “But personally, I think Angela has the best chance to unseat Travis and put a Republican in the House.
“She has a fire that I appreciate,” he added. “She won’t be a deer in the headlights in Washington.”
McGlowan drew cheers when she bashed Republicans and Democrats in the nation’s capital.
“It’s clear that Washington, D.C., has ignored us – it’s time to take back our country,” she shouted against a cold north wind.
She criticized Childers for labeling himself a conservative Blue Dog Democrat while voting “95 percent with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” a strategy she holds in common with Nunnelee.
Childers insists he’s one of the House’s most independent voters. The Washington Post reports he’s voted with a majority of his Democratic colleagues 81.2 percent of the time during the current Congress.
McGlowan had nothing to say directly about Nunnelee’s record in the state Senate, where he’s chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee.
McGlowan also criticized Jackson talk-radio host Paul Gallo for a “political trap” when she said she misspoke about gun rights.
“I believe in the right to bear arms,” she said, noting she would not have been the victim of a mugging “if I’d been packing” a weapon that day.
She also spoke about leading a new wave of elected officials to support policies for sound health care change, homeland security and economic prosperity.

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