Melton’s probation violation dismissed

n Though the judge ruled there technically may have been a
violation, he warranted no action.

The Associated Press

JACKSON – A judge has dismissed probation violation charges against Jackson Mayor Frank Melton.

Special Circuit Judge Joe Webster issued the order Wednesday.

Webster was appointed by the Mississippi Supreme Court to handle the Melton case. Last week, the Supreme Court barred one Hinds County judge from hearing the case and three others recused themselves.

Melton allegedly committed four probation violations, according to a warrant issued March 1 by Circuit Judge Tomie Green. He is serving probation after making a plea deal on weapons charges in November.

Webster said in Wednesday’s order that he had reviewed the affidavit and report of Melton’s probation officer and concluded “that to the extent there may have been a technical violation, if any, of the terms of probation, this court finds that no further action by the court is warranted.”

“The time that Frank Melton was incarcerated in connection with the same (alleged probation violation) is more than sufficient for the technical violation,” Webster said.

The Supreme Court removed Green from the case last week and vacated a warrant for Melton’s arrest. The mayor, who checked into the hospital complaining of chest pains for a week after the warrant was issued, spent 1 1/2 days in jail before the court ordered him freed.

Melton, who had double bypass surgery in January, is a wealthy former TV executive and one-time state drug enforcement agency chief. He was elected Jackson’s mayor in 2005 on the promise of rooting out crime Mississippi’s capital city.

He became well-known for wearing fatigues, carrying guns and criticizing the district attorney’s office for not putting away enough criminals. He cruised the inner city with police and often took troubled children back to his home in a gated community.

Separately, the mayor and his two former bodyguards are to stand trial April 23 on allegations they had roles in the use of sledge hammers to damage a house the mayor considered a drug haven.

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