MHP: Don’t drive distracted

Mississippi_Highway_PatrolBy JB Clark

Daily Journal

NEW ALBANY – Mississippi Highway Patrol officers will begin distracted driving saturation enforcement Friday as a part of the new Pay Attention or Pay a Fine initiative.

The initiative will use Mississippi’s careless driving law to charge anyone they find who isn’t paying attention to the road.

“If you’re eating a hamburger while driving and run someone off the road, you’re distracted,” said Highway Patrol Trooper Ray Hall. “It’s a push to try to decrease those who are deliberately distracting themselves.”

Mississippi’s careless driving law carries a fine of between $5 and $50 and applies to anyone deemed to be driving in a careless of imprudent manner without regard for the width, grade, curves, corner, traffic and use of the streets.

The careless driving law also will be applied to people distracting themselves with their cellphones.

“We want to serve as a deterrent,” Hall said. “This will be something like our speed details that we’ll do from time to time.”

The first detail will be Friday along Highway 6 in Oxford.

The new traffic detail will consist of troopers riding in unmarked vehicles to observe any distracted behaviors and then reporting those violators to marked units.

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  • DoubleTalk

    Sounds like they will be writing each other many tickets. I guess them talking and reporting to each other on radio and their cellphones is distractive also. Eating donuts is more distractive than a hamburger with all the finger licking.

  • Guest Person

    Every morning on my way to work down HWY 45 there is at least one person who comes over in my lane while they are messing with their phone. This is not a once in awhile thing it is everyday. In fact yesterday going home there was a woman in a white SUV merging in from Main St going north that just pulled straight into traffic while texting on her phone. I know this because she pulled in almost into my lane – I could almost read what she was texting.
    Bottom line – put the d@#N phones down while you are driving.

  • SSgtUSMC

    MHP, helping to fulfill all my dreams of living in a Nanny, police state.

  • barney fife

    Hang up and Drive.
    Plain & simple.

  • the_rocket

    Will the MHP be able to sit at the McDonald’s drive through and hand out tickets to anyone with a number two combo meal?

    Nothing but a fishing expedition bordering on illegal search and seizure.