Michael Marion letter

Another fine mess’

laid to Legislature

As an old comedy actor of long ago put it, “Well, Stanley, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into,” certainly befits our current situation with our representatives in our Legislature. Yet again they have neglected their duty, oath and responsibility to represent the citizens of the State of Mississippi with regard to the distancing of congressional districts.

Yes, the governor calls the Legislature into “special session” at enormous expense to the citizens of the state – the taxpayers – for the express purpose of redrawing congressional districts for four U.S. representatives in Congress; and what have these legislators done – nothing, except argue and bicker over the manner in which the new congressional district lines should be drawn. Rather than be “fair,” they have opted to be political about the process; but I guess that is to be expected of politicians.

Let us not be deluded about this. I believe the Democratic Party is holding hostage the state for its own purposes and does not have the good of the people of this great state at the forefront of their thinking. Our elected state representatives and senators have squandered their duty; no, they have neglected their duty; no, they have obfuscated their sworn duty to represent the citizens in favor of party affiliations. I think this is dereliction of their duty to represent us, the people, not a particular party.

Come on, legislators! Draw the lines and let the people of Mississippi be the winner for a change and not a particular political party. Do your duty or a federal judge will do it for you. Hey, that sounds good, too. Takes you guys off the hook once again and you can return to your constituents and say, “I had nothing to do with this decision; a judge did it.” And you can pass the buck and dodge the issue yet one more time.

Leland Hurt Jr.


Greatest praying

done by Jesus

In the light of all that has happened in our nation I have been studying some of the prayers in the Bible and what God has done in answer to them.

We find Noah praying, just one man, and God gave him a plan for the Ark of Deliverance. Moses prayed, and the people were delivered from Egyptian bondage. Also, later on God was going to destroy His people for their sins. Moses interceded for God’s reputation and they were spared. But before this Abraham walked with God and He gave him a great land. Jacob prayed and he became Israel and a great people who even lives today. Jesus will come back to that great nation. Gideon prayed and a host of fearful enemy fled. Daniel prayed and the lion’s mouth was stopped. The three Hebrew children prayed in the midst of a fiery furnace and they were not even singed. David as a young lad prayed and a giant was killed. Hannah prayed and God gave her Samuel, and he became God’s prophet and priest.The disciples prayed and the Holy Spirit came and 3,000 were added to the church in one day.

But the greatest praying was done by our Lord Jesus Christ interceding for lost humanity and submitted to our Heavenly Father to death and the church was born. He is at the Father’s right hand still praying for us. So the church is to take the Gospel to the entire world through prayer and giving what we have. Isn’t it wonderful to know He is praying for us? How can we do less than to pray for our great nation and all nations.

Olga Simmons


Imbler praised

for great service

The people of Tupelo and Lee County owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Chuck Imbler for his service as chairman of the Coliseum Commission. Chuck led the commission through the design, construction and opening of the coliseum. While the architects, general contractors, building managers and staff were all compensated for their work, Chuck didn’t get a penny for his time. I can attest to the many hours he spent helping to make the coliseum a reality and a great place for a wide variety of entertainment.

When Tupelo has needed leadership, it seems that someone has always risen to the challenge to see us through. When it comes to the coliseum, Chuck Imbler is that man.

When you see him, be sure to say thanks.

Michael Marion

Little Rock, Ark.

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