Mike Tonos 3/6/09 3Qs with Tina Lutz, director of the GumTree Museum of Art

Mike Tonos 3/6/09 3Qs with Tina Lutz, director of the GumTree Museum of Art.
Mike Tonos 3/6/09
The GumTree Museum of Art will celebrate young talent throughout the month of March.
The museum currently features “Impressions,” a collection of about 500 pieces of art created by students from kindergarten to sixth grade in Lee County Schools. That exhibit will close Wednesday. It’ll be followed by “Shared Treasures,” a display of paintings, sculpture and more by students from the Tupelo Public School District.
Visit the museum from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday. You can learn more about the Tupelo schools’ exhibit on Page 1B of today’s Daily Journal.
Tina Lutz, director of the GumTree Museum of Art, recently spoke with the Daily Journal’s M. Scott Morris about the exhibits, sponsored annually by the Daily Journal.
Q: Do the artists ever surprise you with their work?
A: The artists always amaze and surprise me with each and every exhibit. The art programs for the schools work closely with the curriculum. I can see the imagination and creativity flourish with a strong educational base supporting all of that creativity culminating in successful artwork.

Q: How do the kids react when they see their pieces on display at the museum?
A: The kids always break out in huge smiles when they see their own special piece of artwork hanging in the museum.

Q: What role does art serve in shaping kids as they grow up?
A: Art teaches our youth how to become creative problem solvers and an ability to think outside of the box. Art builds tremendous self-esteem and confidence in young people. Those are very marketable assets in today’s world.


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