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Tupelo Superintendent Mike Vinson’s first months in office have been busy. Some of the highlights of his time at the helm include:

-April 1995 – Then-deputy superintendent Vinson appointed interim superintendent, replacing the retiring Mike Walters

-December 1995 – Vinson named superintendent by the school board

-February 1996 – Iowa Test of Basic Skills results show significant improvement and the district moves from a Level 3.0 to a Level 4.7 on the five-point scale.

-May 1996 – Oxford High School principal John “Mac” Curlee III named principal of Tupelo High.

-June 1996 – Three principals reassigned. Rankin Elementary’s Dale Warriner moves to central office to serve as federal projects coordinator. Tupelo Middle School’s Jimmy Hall replaces Warriner at Rankin, while THS interim principal Sue Shaw Smith moves from Tupelo High to Tupelo Middle School.

– July 1996 – Districtwide reading program adopted and later purchased for grades K-4.

– August 1996 – Lawhon Elementary Principal Paul Pate named personnel director. Joan Dozier is moved from central office to serve as Lawhon’s head.

– August 1996 – A uniform report card is adopted for the entire district.

– Jan. 1997 – Board approves a suspicion-based student drug testing policy considered to be the toughest in the Southeast.

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