Mill Village plans for the future

TUPELO – Residents of Mill Village held a planning session to map out the historic neighborhood’s next five years.
More than 20 people attended the session Saturday morning at All Saints’ Episcopal Church to talk about the area’s direction and things that need to be fixed in the neighborhood.
Mill Village Neighborhood Association President Jane Carruth said the planning sessions were designed to give the residents some input as to where the neighborhood goes in the future.
“There are a lot of things we want to get done and we want everyone to have a voice,” said Carruth. “When you bring in a lot of people you get more of a feel for what the whole neighborhood wants and that’s important. We’re going to have to do this together, so everyone has a voice.”
As Ward 3 city councilman, Mill Village falls between Jim Newell’s ward lines. Newell said the city as a whole would benefit from an upgraded Mill Village.
“Affordable housing is always an issue in Tupelo and I think Mill Village is a good place for some affordable housing,” he said. “Getting families into some good homes is a great way to add a boost to the city. So we want to repair and upgrade some of the older houses their to attract home buyers.”
Although affordable housing was one goal the group will pursue, some more pressing issues came up in the session. Many of the residents said Maple Street, an area that has been linked to drug activity, is hindering the community from prospering.
“We have to address the drug problem on Maple Street if we want to move forward,” said one man, drawing nods from the crowd. “We have to put a stop to those problems in order for everyone to live in Mill Village happily. As a whole we have great residents, but that one area has to be addressed.”
Overcrowding in some apartments was also a major issue among the group. Some complained that there were as many as 20 people living in some small apartments in Mill Village.

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