Miss. House passes bill restricting gun buybacks

djournal-state-news-mississippiJACKSON (AP) – Lawmakers are seeking to bar Mississippi cities and counties from buying guns and then destroying them.

Representatives passed House Bill 485 Tuesday. It goes to the Senate for more debate.

The bill is being pushed by the National Rifle Association.

It says cities and counties must pass rules before conducting a gun buyback. Any guns purchased through such a program must be offered at auction to federally-registered gun dealers.

House Judiciary A Committee Chairman Mark Baker, R-Brandon, said cities and counties could only destroy guns if they’re deemed junk.

House members also sent House Bill 705 to the Senate. It says officials can’t seize guns or ammunition even if martial law is declared.

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  • Thile

    Once again, I am glad to see the legislature has time to tackle serious issues plaguing our state. Take this “TEH GUBMINT GONNA TAKE MAH GUNZ AN DECLARE MARTIAL LAW I KNOW I CUZ I READ BOUT IT ON TEH INTERNETZ” bill, sponsored by the NRA.

    • Tommy Hallum

      I’d like to see the law that allows counties and town to use public money to buy guns for any purpose other than law enforcement.

  • countrydawg

    There’s still time to get that bill in that prohibits the federal government from setting up FEMA camps, guys. Or is that one already on the agenda?

    • unknown

      It’s too late. I got my FEMA relocation orders in the mail today.


    Shaking head. Why bother ? Ultraconservative mind-sets rule in MS. How many votes is this blatant pandering to the NRA actually going to win for MS politicians? In application, it isn’t like municipal gun buy-back programs in MS are really going to make a dent in the per capita availability of easily obtainable fire power in the state.

  • unknown

    Nice to see that the NRA pretty much owns our state legislature now.